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The whole world is talking about lifelong learning. Accordingly, further education would currently be in great demand. But is that really true? And what role does competence development have in Company? Leadership - Personnel and competence development: AttendanceCourses beat digital infographic HR survey kursfinder.de

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Vanessa Schäfer Vanessa SchäferVanessa Schäfer is an editor and PR manager at kursfinder.de.


Course Search: Well trained leaders are the nuts and bolts

The online portal kursfinder.de wanted to know what role the competence development of employees in Company occupies.

To get answers, the training search engine 564 surveyed HR employees from companies in Germany, France, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the United States.

What are HR managers looking for?

What courses are HR managers looking for primarily for company employees? Are there certain trends? Yes, there are. The tenor is the same in all countries except France: “Leadership and leadership development” is the answer.

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Well-trained leaders who set a precedent are the greatest value for companies. In Germany, these training courses with 86% lead the course search. In France, the focus is on IT and IT courses.

Training methods: classroom courses beat digital forms of learning

In the face of digitization, are digital learning methods also playing an increasingly important role? Flexible learning whenever and wherever you want? The answers to the question of the most proven training methods show a clear trend and surprise:

Regardless of whether managers or middle-level employees are trained, the majority of respondents in Germany rely on “workshops, seminars, face-to-faceCourses”, which are also the most popular in Denmark and Great Britain.

Abroad: in-house training required

In France, Finland and Sweden, the most trusted company-specific in-house training. Thus, it is becoming apparent that companies continue to place high value on attendanceCourses, with digital training methods not playing a major role.

Only in the United Kingdom and the United States does blended learning become more important, combining the benefits of classroom learning with eLearning. In the states, there is one more conspicuous feature: There, training-on-the-job (over 25%) is practiced far more frequently than in Europe.

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Training budget: Stability is evident

In view of digitization, are companies increasingly investing in the further training of their employees? Surprisingly not.

The training budget will remain as high at 2018 as before, according to 71% of respondents in Germany. Only just 15% of respondents expect an increase in the budget.

Number of training days: Germany takes on a role model function

The biggest gap between the nations surveyed is the answers to the question of the number of training days that are given to each employee each year. Together with the United States and the United Kingdom, Germany plays a role model. Nearly a third of German companies admit five days of training per year to their workforce, compared with one fifth in the United Kingdom and the United States.

However, there are more than one in ten employees even one to two weeks available for further education. The French and the Scandinavians are less fortunate: In Finland, employees have three days a year for the majority of training (30%), and one quarter of the French (26%) have to make do with two days. The shortest draw Sweden: According to the survey, employees usually receive only one or two days a year for further education.

Competence Development: The decision is usually made by the direct supervisor

Who determines in the company at all, when a training is appropriate? Here it looks similar in all surveyed countries.

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The direct supervisor is the one who decides on the competence development of the employee (57% in Germany). In the other countries (except Finland), the corporate top has but also a say.

Measuring success: Feedback plays a big role

How do you determine the success of a further education? For the personnel managers surveyed, employee feedback usually plays a major role.

One third of HR employees in Germany measure success, another uses appropriate assessment tools and the last third trusts the feedback from the direct supervisor. It is striking that the Swedes seem to trust the feedback of the employees less: 45% measure the success of a training on the basis of the feedback of the supervisor.

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