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Employee referral programs: construct advertising campaigns on your own behalf

Employee referrals are the most effective recruiting tool. Here's what to look out for when designing a successful referral program and what effect it will have Company and recommender has.

Recruiting: the employee as a recommender

Does it always need money to activate in-house referrers?

According to a study carried out for Monster.at among the Austrian top 500 employers, eight out of ten companies encourage their employees to recommend vacancies in their private environment. Successful employee recommendations are rewarded in over a fifth of the companies. 45,5 percent of them pay up to 500 euros in cash or real assets for a successful appointment. 45,5 percent also pay up to € 1.000, the rest is above that.

But does money always work to activate in-house recommendations? No of course not. In one case, the company management awarded a full monthly salary as a “head bonus”. However, no applications were received. The reason? The good working atmosphere, which was so highly praised on the career side, did not exist. But on the contrary. The leadership culture there was pretty bad. Who wants to do this to his friends?

Only, who recommends, is also recommended

The true success of the recommendation is based on voluntariness. If the recipient of the recommendation learns that money has flowed, credibility and trust may suffer. This sharpens the critical view, the matter is examined more intensively and under the magnifying glass. One develops reservations and does not follow the not entirely unselfish advice in the end. The greatest advantages of the further recommendation are thus.

The unselfish tips are the best. Rewarding them afterwards is another matter entirely. "Field experiments have shown that surprising gifts can increase employee productivity by more than ten percent," wrote Christian Elger in his book Neuroleadership. This certainly applies to the recommendation.

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How employee recommendation programs work

Offline and online activities are linked to each other in the usual programs. There is usually a flyer explaining everything necessary. And, of course, the information about the referral program should be on the Social Intranet.

Define the target groups to participate in the program so that you do not receive inappropriate recommendations. Keep the paperwork as simple as possible. In addition, offer small “How-I-will-be-a-power-referrer” training. Set up a blog where the referrers can share the best tips. Provide a special contact person.

Inform you promptly about all vacancies. Install a status program for ongoing recommendations. Report regularly and enthusiastically about success. Honor the best recommendation. And: Let also external to this program too.

What is still to be considered during construction

Let the workforce shape such a program - but not just think about money and coupons when designing. Appeal also to the collection drive, so that you can get over a points system to larger goodies. Non-monetary rewards should always be freely selectable.

Relay the premiums according to the length of stay of the new employee. Offer exceptional training opportunities. Or a way to donate meaningfully. Find things you can not buy for money: free holidays, the free company parking lot in the first row, the raffle of a dream trip, a feast for all Empfehler.

Or send the big bosses spontaneously on recommender thank you tour. That will leave a lasting impression - and spur people on to even greater action.

Each recommendation is saved recruiting budget

Any recom- mending a suitable applicant will spare the recruiting budget. And regardless of the eventual success of the recruitment: Give the recommendation a feedback on what has become of his recommendation.

Appreciate the person you got to know through him. For example, it can sound like this: "I have to say you know interesting, pleasant, high-profile people." It is such moments of little happiness that we humans find particularly valuable.

And even more: whoever receives such “stardust” feels obliged to the giver. Sociologists call this the reciprocity effect. With a little luck, an initial recommender can become a power recommender and super multiplier.

An additional side effect: the performance of those who recommend a company with fervor and passion will grow. And their loyalty will rise. In this way, one comes to employee-fans with a quasi-built stay guarantee.

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