Serenity as a motto of life: the power of concentration

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Text comes from: Gelassen gewinnen: Ab jetzt reitest du den Affen! (2014) by Prof. Dr. Martin Christian Morgenstern, published by BusinessVillage Verlag, Reprints by friendly permission of the publisher.
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Many people associate with concentration a state that they must abdicate. Quickly recall memories of the school days, where we have tried with a lot of strength to concentrate on boring things. But it's easier. Serenity as a motto of life: The power of concentration concentration

Here writes for you:

Dr. Martin Christian Morgenstern 82Dr. Martin Christian Morgenstern is a behavioral scientist and evolutionary psychologist.


How concentration adjusts automatically

To concentrate with all its strength, of course, is not in the sense of the inventor. Rather, concentration is a state that is almost automatic when the right conditions are met.

As a coach, I am, of course, also a great friend of experience. In order for you to know how concentration naturally adjusts, I have prepared a very brief exercise. Place a sheet of paper in a row at a distance of one meter each. In the first round you circle the objects as slowly as you can in the slalom course. After that, you will quickly loop around the slalom, but please backwards!

You probably noticed the following:

  1. You will have been bored when you are slowly walking forward. The reason for this is that your I-1 was not required. I-2 could do this slow and manageable process in complete routine.
  2. When walking backwards at an advanced pace, your I-2 needed the help of the Consciousness. Almost automatically, you entered the process with your conscious I-1 level. They were concentrated, so to speak. Ich-2 and Ich-1 worked together. And the interesting thing is that you did not even have to force yourself to do that. It was created automatically. Accordingly, concentration is a condition that arises whenever we can no longer do things in complete routine. Accordingly, routine is the enemy of concentration. Conversely, challenge is the natural friend of concentration.
  3. But when the challenge turns into a threat, the state of positive concentration is history. To do this, just imagine going backwards, your items would be sleeping shepherd dogs. You know, if you step on it, then there's huge trouble. This set is beyond your control. From that moment on, the concentration would be over and a strong stress reaction would start, as its accompanying effect is a deactivation of our I-1 level. We would either panic or freeze in fear.

The bridge to serenity

Now let's hit the bridge to serenity. Serenity is a kind of concentration at the bottom of the challenge. It is, so to speak, the intermediate state between boredom and advanced challenge.

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The more skilled you become in using your I-2 in the future, the easier it will be for you to expand your Serenity Area. You will succeed more and more, even in boring situations not hang in clouds of thought or to recognize it and quickly return to the moment of your being.

They will also become increasingly recognizable when the pleasant state of concentration threatens to tilt towards the hustle and bustle. They become more and more a concentrated and thus present people!

Serenity - the transformation of a concept

Serenity denotes an inner attitude. It is the ability to maintain the most unbiased and relaxed attitude, both physically and mentally, in different situations in life. The antagonists of serenity are called excitement, restlessness and stress.

"Et kütt wie et kütt" - this is fittingly a Rhenish motto of life - translated it means something like: it comes as it comes. The word serenity itself comes from Middle High German. It was introduced by German mystic master Eckhart over a thousand years ago as a “laziness”.

How relaxed someone is, shows up only with stress

Once Master Eckhart used the term to mean a submission to God or fate, today we mean a generally balanced mind. Of course, it is particularly important for us to maintain serenity in the stressful and challenging situations of everyday life.

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How relaxed we are can be seen in everyday tests. The philosopher Seneca says very nicely: "You only get to know the good helmsman by storm."

Stay cool, does not always work

Of course, that's not always easy for us. You and me, we all know various situations that are usually not even very long time over, in which we have behaved considerably more un-authorized than we would have wished us of us.

Likewise, everyone can probably remember different situations in which you said to yourself, "Keep calm," but it did not work out for some reason.

The secret of serenity

Whether or not we behave calmly, unfortunately, is not subject to our conscious will. Serenity is not a thing that is controllable through the I-1 level.

Rather, it is a more or less immediate reaction of our ego 2. To understand this more fully, we need to take a closer look at the construction of our neuronal-based I-2.

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