Make and accept company gifts: 2 Times 6 tips for professional gifts

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Use again and again Company the opportunity to thank the employees with a gift for the work done over the past year. But there are certain rules to follow. Make and accept company gifts: 2 times 6 tips for professional gifts knigge Christmas gifts

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Susanne Beckmann Susanne Beckmann photoSusanne Beckmann is a trained trainer for style and etiquette.


Beware fat bowl!

Even colleagues like to give each other a gift and symbolize the good cooperation. Likewise, companies send "little touches" to their customers to thank them for the orders and to maintain business contact.

But watch out, there are not only greasy lice, but the danger of bribery. What is to be considered for a successful gift in professional contact?

6 tips for professional gifts to colleagues

For the selection of a gift to colleagues, fingertip feeling is required, because otherwise the well-intentioned gift can also be misinterpreted.

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  1. In agreement with the colleagues, set price limits for the gifts and keep them in, so that it does not come to embarrassments of too expensive or too inexpensive presenters.
  2. Think about what suits your colleague. Refer to his hobbies or preferences. An advantage is the one, who has already listened attentively in the course of the time, what interests the colleagues or what he likes gladly. A gift is to make pleasure and not to dust in the cellar.
  3. Carefully wrap the gift with beautiful paper.
  4. A special touch set you with a personal and handwritten greeting. Avoid general phrases.
  5. An absolute taboo is gifts that discredit the recipient, are reminiscent, or those that create allusions. A No Go is, for example, a high-quality shampoo for the rather unkempt colleague.
  6. If you want to give something to a certain colleague because you supported him, you can, of course, do it without thinking of all the other employees. Then you should hand over the present to your colleague in private and thank you for your work.

Gifts within the company

If an employee delivers his boss without receiving a gift himself, this can be quickly understood as an abuse. So be careful. It is different when colleagues join together and hand over a community gift.

If the boss considers the employees with a gratification or a material gift, it is not a must that the employees retaliate. It depends on the size of the company and on the size and cooperation of the department, and on the other hand, how it is common in the company to deal with Christmas gifts. However, the tax treatment of gifts must be observed.

Gifts for customers and customers

Again and again come in different departments of Company Gifts from suppliers and customers. Often it is not just about a bottle of wine, but for example, invitations to a VIP Lounge of events.

Such well-meant "gifts" are no longer welcome in every business, but even banned. Especially large companies have imposed codes of conduct, or "compliance rules", in order to avoid being suspected of being corrupted.

6 Tips for gifts to and from customers

That's why the gifts often do not end up with the person in question, but in a company raffle. Above all, it is important to adhere to these rules set by the company. In general:

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  1. Gifts must, from a legal point of view, be socially appropriate. As a rule of thumb, you should ask yourself if you would tell a third party without hesitation about the gift without having a guilty conscience.
  2. In order not to doubt the safety, it is necessary to have the gift approved by his supervisor.
  3. In order to avoid these doubts, many companies have defined a value limit for gifts. All employees have to stick to it.
  4. However, if you are embarrassed to receive a gift that you are not allowed to accept, thank you politely and declare that you are not allowed to accept it. In the meantime, many companies are familiar with the compliance rules and accept this rejection.
  5. You will also notice these aspects whenever you give something away.
  6. Before you come across a rejection, sometimes a handwritten greeting, sent with personal words, comes better than a gift that disappears in a closet or is not accepted at all.

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