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How companies find the right employees: Reinhold Messner on personnel marketing

That's what everyone wants Company : Employees who exactly fit the requirements and advertised job profile like a fist on the eye. What helps against it explains, among other extreme mountain climber Reinhold Messner.

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Reinhold Messner gives tips for HR managers in the interview

A common problem with many job advertisements: Although the company actually has an exact picture of the perfect candidate, this is not communicated openly and clearly.

Rather, just job advertisements sponging around the bush, are not understood and convey an unclear picture of the job profile. It is enormously important to find exactly the right employees for a company. Why, the extreme mountaineer Reinhold Messner told me in one Interview:

Always be able to rely on his team

I have basically only started with people who have the same motivation as myself. Example of an Antarctic crossing: If my competitors were motivated only by money, they would probably have given up after a week. That would have been impossible.

Messner must always be able to rely on his team. His quote summarizes what is necessary for many companies to survive: without the right, motivated employees it can end badly. For many companies, especially the more unknown, but highly specialized SMEs, the question arises: How do you find employees who match their abilities exactly to the requirements?

Bye-bye to rigid recruiting processes

According to a study by the Center of Human Resources Information Systems (CHRIS) at the University of Bamberg and the online job exchange Monster, the top selection criteria when hiring applicants are personality, soft skills and practical experience. The straightforward, gapless curriculum vitae, on the other hand, will lose importance, according to the study. For companies, this also means saying goodbye to rigid recruiting processes and reacting flexibly to applicants, as Michael Baumgärtner, Operations Manager at the Rilano Hotel in the center of Munich, makes it clear: “I tend to look at how someone fits into the team and with them Deals with people than on testimonials. ” It was also important for him to recognize the hidden skills of his employees and to use them optimally for the company.

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However, to make it that far, applicants and companies must find each other. This is mostly done via job advertisements - good 66 Percentage of applicants are looking for new jobs according to the CHRIS study. That's significantly more than other channels such as corporate websites (37,9 percent) and career networks (36,5 percent). But there are significant differences depending on the target audience: a study published in the April 2015 by Universum shows that 55 percent of economists take into account job search job advertisements - but just under 47 percent of scientists. For 62, percent of computer science students in social networks are looking for jobs, and for engineering and economists, the career websites of companies are the most important.

Please inform exactly!

Companies that want to reach the right applicants would do well to find out where and how this works best. Because in addition to choosing the right medium, the wording is also important. Around 1900, Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton is said to have used the word “Men Wanted for a Dangerous Trip” to promote a South Pole expedition and to promise low payment, freezing cold and darkness.

He reportedly received 4.000 applications. For Axel Haitzer, personnel marketing specialist and author of the book “Applicant Magnet”, it is clear: “If Shackleton had written his ad the way companies often do today, too many unsuitable candidates would have contacted him.” Because many job offers are incomprehensible and often even unbelievable, says Haitzer and explains: “Candidates read anglicisms, phrases and phrases and in the best case can only guess what is meant. Companies then have to sort out many unsuitable applicants. More clarity and transparency in job advertisements would therefore help applicants and employers. ”

A realistic job profile

For Mike Heyden, head of the text and concept department at the personnel marketing agency Westpress, a realistic job profile is the most important aspect when creating a job advertisement. For him, this includes a self-explanatory job title and a clear job description. “It has to be clear what the KO criteria look like. How important the right choice of words is is not clear to many, ”says the advertising specialist.

There are several reasons why job advertisements like to sound watered down and meaningless: It is not uncommon for a specialist department to have precise ideas and to create a broad profile of requirements for the position. Until the job advertisement is published, however, this goes through several hands and is reduced to a list of key words, which means that important points lose their importance or disappear entirely. But the General Equal Treatment Act (AGG), which is supposed to protect applicants from discrimination, also presents companies with challenges: “I was told by a human resources manager that she was of course aware that only a man or woman could do the job. But she would never admit it publicly, ”explains journalist Florian Vollmers, author of the“ Job Interview Cracker Book ”. The fear of legal steps leads to real AGG white lies in many companies. “The decision is often made based on the gender or age of an applicant,” Vollmers said.

KO criterion job profile

After all, many companies are not aware of how important a meaningful job title is for the success of their job advertisement. When it comes to online job postings, the right job title even determines success. Because if a job offer for search queries via Google, job search engines and job exchanges is not listed at all or very far down, the number of applicants is correspondingly low: “The traceability correlates directly with the return of applications.

The job title should therefore be chosen in such a way that it corresponds to the general language of applicants in particular, ”explains Jan Kirchner, Managing Director of the personnel marketing agency Wollmilchsau and recommends checking the title for use and dissemination before publication with the help of Google keyword tools, for example : “Many companies have not yet implemented a framework for personnel marketing analysis and are investing a lot of budget in the wrong place every year due to incorrect job advertisements and placement in unsuitable media. Here, great efficiency potential could be leveraged with little effort, ”says Kirchner.

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3 questions to Mike Heyden, agency Westpress

What should be the goal of a job advertisement?

It should arouse the honest interest of the applicant, inspire him and lead to further information. And it is about target groups and their demands. Wording, expression and style must fit - also to the medium and the way to consume the contents.

How do you formulate job advertisements?

Companies should stand out from their competitors, avoid arbitrariness and convey: what does the company do? What exactly does the job offer? And what does the applicant gain from working here? The tasks should be clearly and realistically described, with a precise picture of the future job. It should be clear what the KO criteria and which requirements are “nice to have”.

Why do you often find other examples?

Often no attention is paid to the choice of words - one example is the difference between “desirable” and “desired”. Or the view through the glasses of the applicants is missing. Also, phrases that appear in almost every advertisement should be avoided. Which company does not claim to be innovative and to offer a pleasant working atmosphere?

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