12 tips for tidying up in the office and on the computer: chaos with happy ending {review}

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Unfortunately, the fairytale of creative chaos has no happy ending. After all, those who have not just landed in an 08 / 15 job need methods to handle the complexity of their normal office frenzy.

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Who can clean up is not promoted

This is particularly true when dealing with the new media, which on the one hand make everything faster, on the other hand also require that we ourselves become ever faster.

The book of the clearing expert Jürgen kurz comes just in time. Because whoever has time to search, is definitely not promoted.

Read and save time

It will take you around three hours to read the book “Tidied up forever - even digitally”. Maybe four if you systematically work through it with a highlighter and yellow post-its.

More certainly not. And you will catch up with this time in the next few days if you work in the office or at home on a PC. Because author Jürgen Kurz helps you with many little tips, your files, eMails, folders and notes to organize better.

One hour a day more time

Around 13 percent of a working day, according to the author, go for finding relevant information or data on it, more than an hour. In the future you will be knocking out or leaving for really important work - if that Chef plays along - earlier home.

A complete re-organization of your way of working is not necessary for it, it is more the small art handles, which have immediate effect. Here is a selection of the best tips.

12 Tips for tidying up

  1. eMails: Turn on audible and visual signals for new ones eMails out. The distract only. Edit eMailI'd rather go to the block regularly.
  2. eMails: Any eMailRequest, which you can do in just 5 minutes, edit immediately and then move or delete them.
  3. eMails: Always keep your inbox clear. Anything that you cannot immediately edit or answer comes in a “waiting” folder - the catch basin for jobs that still have to be done.
  4. eMails: Do not always respond immediately to a time-consuming eMailTo prevent ping-pong. Often one answer is enough the next day.
  5. Online newsletter: For newsletters and product information via mail of all kinds, you can create a second, private eMailAddress too.
  6. Passwords are now always ready, if you always build them according to the same schema and then depending on the program or web service with a easy-to-remembering addition of a few characters.
  7. Corporate Advertising: You can easily add car signatures to small advertising messages or hints on your Facebook page.
  8. Documents: To avoid confusion with different versions, attach the date to the filename.
  9. Scheduling: You want to arrange a joint meeting for a big meeting or the summer festival? By phone is the super-annoying. Internet and Doodle.com but super-easy.
  10. Long Meetings: Set hourglasses on the table to limit the speaking time for all open-to-view.
  11. Notifications from social networks let you of your eMailSort the program by filter and move it to a separate folder. These are only read in the evening.
  12. Cabel salad under the table can be easily untangled if you label the strips beforehand with a label that points to the corresponding device type.

Conclusion: clever workbook

A clever workbook, illustrated and with many concrete examples from the Windows, Mac and mobile practice that will make your life and work much easier in the future.

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