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3 tips for agile change management in companies: Leading employees in change

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Yesterday was an international day of friendship: At the moment, friendship also has to be many Company and close their employees with the digital transformation. 3 tips on how to do this. Best of HR – Berufebilder.de®

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Theo Bergauer Bergauer_PortraitThe sovereignty expert Theo Bergauer has been active as a coach and coach for personal development and entrepreneurial processes since 25 years.


From the author:



Change Management: The one friend, the other enemy

Change is not an integral part of our complex world. And as with anything new, some of the changes are positively opposed, see the new, which may come, as a friend. Others, on the other hand, recognize the enemy in it as a change of value as the evil, the present and the known, if not over the heap, then at least tidy.

It is only when we recognize change as a friend that we can master the necessary challenges, hurdles and changes. A single team, a collective, a system never wins.

The hurdles of change

The young boss, who suddenly dissolves old-established structures and quickly demands a rethinking of the usual work processes. Digital meetings that require a whole new preparation.

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If we openly and honestly consider our willingness to change, it turns out that sometimes we are not as flexible and progressive as we might think or at least like it.

The work 4.0 challenges the human 5.0

Not only digitalization presents us with enormous changes every day. As a logical consequence, the work 4.0 calls for a rethinking of the familiar structures - even and precisely in the leadership. As a human being, 5.0 will continue to play a decisive part in the digitized, ever-changing world of work.

A value-oriented management, happy and enthusiastic employees are not only the goal but the basic prerequisite for tomorrow's business. Value creation through appreciation or trust rather than control are the maxims of time.

Leadership as a service

Few companies have recognized the new circumstances, towards change as a friend. A positive example is Bodo Jansen, managing director of Upstalsboom. But he too had to swallow the bitter pill of knowledge - in the form of an employee survey - before he and his employees took today's course.

Together, a culture of authenticity developed in which more and more employees in the company can live what is important to them as a person, what gives them pleasure and what they have a talent for. Jansen's motto today: “Leadership is service, not a privilege!”

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Fancy instead of fear of adventure

Familiar ways to get involved and to embrace something new makes employees in companies often afraid. An environment for creative ideas helps to transform this fear into an adventure.

When people come together like this, ideas can unfold without judgment, a first step is taken to introduce a culture of change. But because new things always take time, it is important to maintain the stamina and fighting spirit - together, friendly, in a team.

Culture of Change - 3 Tips for Change in Business

Who sees change in business as a community task is already on a good path. Friend or foe? This is a question that often no longer poses itself. Whoever builds a culture of change in the company based on the values ​​of friendship - honesty, openness, cohesion - wins. Long-term and sustainable.

  1. Trust and recognition: A sincere recognition culture is necessary in order for employees to feel comfortable and to perform accordingly. To trust the ability of each individual and of the entire team, appreciating the achievements appreciably, ensures satisfaction and makes you want to bring again and again into the change.
  2. Sense and benefits: Sometimes it is not obvious to all concerned at first glance which benefits a change can or can bring with it. But whoever does not recognize the meaning is difficult to win for change. Discussions serve the mutual recognition and help to bring change to a new level. Who founded, convinced.
  3. Ideas and future: Whoever opens up to the ideas of others in the team today creates a friendly atmosphere that allows and even encourages change. Anyone who communicates changes at an early stage prevents an information hole through which employees feel lost or absent. The future can only be worked together effectively - from the first idea to the final implementation, change is the same as teamwork, in which everyone has to pull together to be successful and to remain.

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  1. Holger Schneider


    thank you for your AW. We are dealing here with Aktuaöisations, which all approx. 15 -30sec. and throw me from this side, that is not guaranteed to walk and give.

    Furthermore, I am surprised that although you give an opportunity to comment on a URL, but this is not linked to the name as usual (if synonymous because the URL can be specified)

    VG, HS

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Schneider,
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      Simone Janson

  2. Holger Schneider

    Good article that shows how the basis should be created for a change-friendly corporate or even team culture and thus for change.
    But since change is also “the other's enemy”, even if an attempt is made to involve a large base and not always everyone goes along and communication challenges often arise, I do not agree that control should not be allowed. On the contrary: in a VUCAWelt an iterative procedure and control, which also expresses appreciation when carried out correctly, must exist. Without lessons learned or rolling planning, it will be in the present and in the future Zeitbecome difficult ...

    @webmaster: Please switch off the very annoying updating of the homepage, it can't be good in terms of SEO either ...

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Schneider,
      thank you for your critical comment, which we have forwarded to the author.
      Concerning. Your criticism of the update:
      We also send our newsletter subscribers texts as a PDF for detailed offline reading, you can also comment on Facebook, so the limitations are limited.

      In addition, updates, layers and pop-ups on the web are a matter of course and we ask for your understanding that we can not only offer texts free of charge, but also draw our readers' attention to our continuing offering; Otherwise, the alternative would be to pay for texts.


  3. Theo Bergauer

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    3 Business Change Management Tips: Changing Employees Lead by
    Theo Bergauer

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    3 Business Change Management Tips: Changing Employees Lead by
    Theo Bergauer

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