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Accident insurance: What is the articulated tax?

Some insurances provide policies that provide for specific limb taxes for certain professional groups. For example, insured persons lose only ten percent of the insurance sum.

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Securing of important body parts

According to the model conditions of the German Insurance Association as a whole, the invalidity for a single limb or sense organ begins at two percent (for the loss of a toe) and ranges to a maximum of 70 percent (loss of an arm).

For a professional musician or doctor, however, the loss of the pointing finger is far more problematic than for a clerk. In the meantime, some insurers now offer policies that include special occupational body parts for special groups such as doctors or musicians.

In the case of partial loss or partial inoperability, corresponding partial records are determined using the section tax. Higher disability levels up to full invalidity at 100 percent are achieved by the addition of several disabilities - for example, if you lose two fingers, the limb tax doubles accordingly. The performance you receive is calculated as follows:

sample calculation

Suppose you have an accident insurance policy with a sum insured of 100.000 Euro agreed and loses an accident by a foot (40 Percentage Limits). 40 percent of 100.000 Euro = 40.000 Euro If an arm (70 percent) remains stiff as a result of the accident, the calculation looks like this: 40 percent + 70 percent = 100 percent = 100.000 Euro In this case, you get the maximum amount, but nothing more , so no 110.000 Euro.

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Calculation example for progression

If, on the other hand, you have agreed on a rate with a progression of 500 percent (more on the extras below), the bill would look like this for one-percent disability: 100 percent = 100.000 Euro 500 percent = 500.000 Euro

However, this is different in the case of an invalidity between 25 and 100 percent: despite the same progression, the benefits can be different for two tariffs.

In the case of the Stiftung Warentest (Stand 0April 2007, subject to change,) with a very good rating for the Haftungskasse Darmstadt), the calculation for loss of an eye (50 per cent of the member's tax) looks like this:

50 Percentage Tax on 500 Percent Progression = 100.000 Euro As a rule, the insurance pays invalidity benefits only twelve months after the accident. During this time, you may agree to an additional transitional benefit, such as a fixed principal amount due in the event of serious injury.

Protection of survivors

If you also want to insure survivors, you should agree on a fixed capital amount in the event of the accident death (the benefit is paid if the insured dies within one year after the accident). If you insure a death sum, the insurances must also make advance payments in the event of a clear disability.

What to look out for?

Make sure that the articulated tax is by no means lower than in these conditions. However, with some insurances and tariffs the articulated taxes are even cheaper:

The accident rateMaxx of NV (http://www.nv-online.de), which has been graded with 350 and 500 progression by the Stiftung Warentest (1,5), offers a 70 percent of the 55 percent for the loss of one hand, as opposed to the usual 0 percent. More about the test result (status 2007April XNUMX, subject to change) here:)

Tax according to the model conditions of the German Insurance Association (http://www.gdv.de):

Damaged / inactive part of the body

Invalidity in percent

An eye

50 %

Hearing in one ear

30 %

sense of smell

10 %

sense of taste

5 %

Arm in the shoulder joint

70 %

Arm to above the elbow

65 %

Arm below the elbow

60 %

One hand

55 %

One thumb

20 %

A pointing finger

10 %

One of the other fingers

5 %

One leg up above the middle of the thigh

70 %

One leg to the middle of the thigh

60 %

One leg down below the knee

50 %

One leg to the center of the lower leg

45 %

A foot

40 %

A big toe

5 %

Other toe respectively

2 %

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