Social Media Manager: Social Media can be everyone !?

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Anyone can use social media - right? Having become aware of some recent discussions on this topic, I will take a closer look at the job profile of the social media manager here. Is it really "only" about using social networks or is there something more behind the name of the social media manager? Social Media Manager: Social Media Anyone Can !? Social Media Manager: Social Media Anyone Can !?

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Here writes for you:

Katharina A. Heder Katharina A. HederKatharina Heder is Digital Media Manager and Consultant.


Content is not equal to content


The social media manager is responsible for the content and use of the different company sites: Whether at Facebook, the blog or Google Plus, the social media manager is the company's first contact. For the first impression to be successful, it is important to offer content that appeals to the target group.

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Social media is nothing more than a digital business card and needs the information Company appropriate contents: Whether it is about a presentation of the employees or a raffle or facts about the company is not crucial. It is important that the company's communication strategy also applies there.

Further training is different and occupations are the same


Anyone who now thinks that a further education qualifies him or herself to deal with these complex fields of activity, is said to be the most knowledge gained from practical activity. In this respect, it does not help to show a certificate, which shows a degree as Social Media Manager.

Whether references can solve this problem can also be questioned: In the core, only the work on a project can not be read by a reference, but the content competence for certain areas of activity can be read.

Social media deserves respect


Anyone who thinks about whether social media can really do anybody and whether this is a simple job has to admit to themselves that one thing should be clear on the basis of the tasks and fields of activity outlined: Everyone can not do that. It takes a lot of experience and tact to manage a social media channel wisely and seemingly easy.

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At the core, you ultimately grow in practice and your own mistakes. In this respect, you should start your own project as a part of the training: this may not have to be an own company appearance, but a loving hobby or interest. The advantage of this is that one always speaks of the same perspective - and who says that this does not even lead to a job?

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  2. sush2002

    RT @SimoneJanson: Social media can everyone? Exciting discusion. #SocialMediaManager

  3. SimoneJanson

    Social media can everyone? Exciting discusion. #SocialMediaManager between @danielsonfly & @ handball2Null

  4. Katharina Daniels

    Dear Mrs. Heder,

    Thank you again for your quick response. I am pleased about your so decided to respond to my comment.

    It is always such a thing in terms of concepts, especially when a very complex range of interpretations is concealed - as, for example, in the concept of willingness to learn.
    My considerations were aimed at demonstrating a willingness to engage in new ways of dealing with this, which results from the very specific combination of this (in comparison to our evolutionary development) for us very new communication medium with archetypal behavioral patterns. I feel that as much more comprehensive than the observation of their own community. This is where the tremendous speed of the message transmission meets with an unimaginable amount of "resonance" (who reads everything with it?) And even less tangible moods.

    Forms of handling are then an integral part of this constallation with tremendous explosive power (we've all experienced what Twitterstorms can trigger) an adult branch - and thus, of course, a component of communication.

    Especially decency seems to me an important moment here: the decency, for example, not to hide behind fake profiles in order to get advantages for yourself. The decency to put down keywords that really have to do with the thing, the decency to avoid electronic "postponement", so for example. Crosslinks properly, to put more than the pure ranking sake.

    In the end, I thought of this strange intermingling of technique and decency that brought about a new intelligence. For now, search engines are increasingly registering "Hinterlist", even react somewhat "over", if, for example, if multiple placements are matched as robots, even if they are not.

    Here I am learning really incessantly, since I have ventured into the world of blogs, forums, high-speed news channels :-) And since I have been editorial editor for almost half a year now the blog

    What the "Social" now means in social media, it can certainly be discussed excellently. Basically probably quite simply that here the social-interpersonal component comes into play. For me, it also means the whole environment, of which I have just called some components, as I understand them

    Yes and the demarcation between utility and advertising goes m. E. deep into the entire self-image of a self-expression - the electronic platform is here really only the "sound carrier". What of what I have to tell (be it as an individual, as a company, etc.) benefits the other in the broadest sense? Is not in the deepest, almost atavistic, understanding of each showing a way of advertising for himself, his thoughts, his possible concerns, etc ..?

    Greetings to you, Katharina Daniels

    • Katharina Heder

      Dear Ms. Daniels,

      thank you also for your great response. I just want to say one thing or two.

      1. You yourself write that the practice seduces you to learn. Exactly that was the main point in my contribution: Training alone is not enough. It is the daily, recurring - not to say enduring - routine, which always plunges us into new shallows. Since today I know bsp. What Gzip is and why my blog does not or does not even work - these learning experiences, which require willingness to learn, however, always carry us into new worlds - with me just that of SEO.

      Ironically, I am actively and observing others that these are not even burdened with setbacks and frustration, but seemingly learning is much easier.

      2. To be honest, I still miss the decency in the net at Manchem. I see social networks as an agglomeration of different communities, which overlap with each other. In this respect, there is also an (unwanted / unplanned) exclusion of the "others", own norms, values ​​and behavioral patterns. If I move in the circle of my closest friends, you would surely hear one or two statements from me that I would not place in my professional life.

      That's why I'm currently thinking about interpreting social in social media: If you look in the Duden, there are three approaches that emphasize different aspects. In my view - according to the current state of knowledge - the social is a shortening of what was actually meant: Communication / exchange. It's about friends, it's about people and it's about talking - from that point of view I'm also looking at things right now. In that sense, I think that it is about more than decency - understanding social media for me means to merge technical functionalities with human characteristics complemented by informal rules. A big endeavor where something is always going wrong.

      Best Regards

      • Katharina Daniels

        Dear Mrs. Heder,

        we approach each other in large steps. As a result, I have the impression that we are very close to each other in views and insights. Interesting now also at the example of our small exchange here on I find again the so diverse, yes countless current thresholds in the communication.

        A slightly different emphasis, a thought in another context, a slightly different notion of terminology - and already the communication flow branches off - or branches out.

        A communication scientist who impressed me a lot, Franco Rest from the University of Dortmund, is a researcher in communication and its cultural-historical roots. Although the communication is derived from Latin communicare - from something in common (communis) make up to discuss - but there is probably also the word element "moenia" in it, entrenchments, walls: By exchanging ourselves, we assure ourselves of our togetherness behind the protective walls we have built to protect ourselves from potential enemies. Now, if one form of communication (and the differences are so insignificant) strikes another, it is hardly surprising that there are often translation difficulties even in a common mother tongue.

        And then we extrapolate the whole thing to the communication universe in the net ...... the challenges are growing practically in itself of overtaking speed, and what we call today as social media, maybe tomorrow again can be evaluated completely different, who knows?

        With cordial greetings (and maybe our meeting will continue sometimes) Katharina Daniels

  5. scheidtweilerpr

    Job #SocialMedia Manager: Social media can anyone !? via @SimoneJanson

  6. Katharina Daniels

    In the end, the success of social media management is also a question of empathy (which is interesting for the potential recipient of a message?), The flexibility (adapt the viewpoints to the needs) and the willingness to learn (which rules and the self-growing laws out?). The technique itself is no more and no less than the pure hand tool.

    Especially in terms of learning willing resp. new laws of law seem to me the whole virtual world in a kind of emergent process (a new quality develops from the middle out) to "give birth" to a very specific intelligence, whose parents sense the decency (how do we deal with each other?) and the technique are.

    I find it fascinating how new manners are established on the Internet, when crosslinks are a real benefit, or the suspicion of pure advertising, in which form content is used several times, etc.

    • Katharina Heder

      Dear Ms. Daniels,

      thank you first for your interesting thoughts which I would like to answer:

      It was first and foremost important for me to work out that references and certificates can not replace the practice or, without concrete practice with self-responsibility, are not really helpful for the decision about the occupation of a position.

      In this respect, I agree with your statement of the tool social media basically. I would however just understand the point of learning willingness differently: Learning-willing in the sense of constant further education, a functioning monitoring in the daily noise and the exchange with colleagues appear to me on this point more important than the observing attention of the own community, which I understand rather empathy.

      Furthermore, I find it a little hard to limit social media to the new laws and evolving forms of dealing. I understand social media as communication and, as in any other conversation, they form rules and patterns through the exchange. At the same time, I see less the feeling for decency than in the foreground. In fact, it seems to me as if the question of what this social in social media is at all is still unanswered.

      At the same time, one should actively pursue and take into account these situations (empathy). I find the point of utility and advertising very interesting: I've been thinking about it several times, but I have not seen any regularity. Do you have an idea?


  7. Martin Bludau

    "Experience and instinct" RT "@simonejanson Job Profile Social Media Manager: Anyone can use social media !? "

  8. ChrisArnecke

    RT @SimoneJanson: Job Profile Social Media Manager: Social Media Anyone Can !?

  9. communications9

    RT @SimoneJanson: Job Profile Social Media Manager: Social Media Anyone Can !?

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