Business fashion and dress code for job success: 5 tips for a perfect look

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Business fashion, dress code - all nonsense? Of course, decisions such as job selection, promotions or salary increases should focus on performance. Unfortunately, reality often looks different. But who wants to play the game, we offer here some tips for the right styling.

Business fashion and dress code for job success: 5 Tips for a perfect look Business fashion and dress code for job success: 5 tips for a perfect look

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Appearance and success are closely related


We live in a world in which outward appearances play an important role. Unfortunately, many people would say - and the topic often causes discussions, In fact, the appearance of a person has a great influence on his professional success. It is not necessarily (only) about beauty or body size, but also the right choice of clothing, hairstyle or makeup comes into play.

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However, this superficiality also brings with it one or the other advantage: Anyone who knows how to properly dress and style can have a positive influence on his success - not only in his job, but also in many other areas of life. So how does the perfect business look look to become even more successful in the job?

Performance is not the only thing that matters


So it does not always have to be more power until sometime the Consequences of a continuous load to make noticable. Sometimes it helps to buy a new wardrobe. Performance alone is therefore not enough for a successful career, as well as good looks.

Instead, the job is about a combination of personality, specialist knowledge, willingness to perform, the right contacts, a positive charisma and many other success factors. There's no question about it: a little bit of luck is also part of it. But the "right" look can help to give this a little something. How so?

The first impression is important


On the one hand, this is the am famous first impression, This is known to be permanent, but within a fraction of a second the brain makes itself an image of its counterpart. A person is thus "arranged" on the basis of externals, even before he can say a word. It is possible to change this first impression later on, but it is a tedious and difficult matter.

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On the other hand, if you make a positive impression at first glance, you will be able to profit from it for a long time - even, but not only during job interviews. Indeed, researchers at New York's Syracuse University have found that beauty is unconsciously associated with qualities such as intelligence, diligence, and sympathy. This also explains which is why studies always come to the same conclusionthat beautiful people earn better jobs. Accordingly, up to five percent of the salary can make up the salary and is therefore considered more important to the career than personal contacts.

Clothes make people - and careers


Beauty is known to be in the eye of the beholder and can be strongly influenced by the styling. Hair color, hairstyle, make-up or choice of clothes can change a person and thus also his impression on the opposite extreme. For example, blondes make many people more attractive, fun-loving and younger, but less intelligent. Anyone who wants to appear serious in the job, should rather resort to the brunette hair color. Tall men are generally more successful and determined, while obesity is often associated with undisciplined behavior in both sexes.

A list of clichés so that are firmly anchored in the minds of the Germans and are played there completely unconsciously. Although they exercise a great influence on career decisions such as a promotion, but this happens fully automatically in the brain and thus without "evil" intent. Even if it sounds terribly superficial: clothes actually make people and thus can decide on the success or failure of a career.

Success can be put on


So it does not do any good to rant against the superficiality of the world, because even the own brain judges people at least a little bit and for a while on the basis of externalities. Instead, one should use this knowledge to boost one's career and take advantage of superficial structures. Simply put on the success? That is quite possible!

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There is no magic formula for this. Instead, everyone has to find out for themselves how to get the most out of their appearance and at the same time adapt to their job. Every branch, every company and even every department has its own look and if you want to be successful, you have to fit the “herd”. Of the Sense stands for conformity. At the same time, too much adjustment would mean sinking into the crowd and becoming invisible.

Dress code has served its purpose


So it's about staying true to oneself, preserving one's own identity and acting authentically - but at the same time often adhering to unwritten rules and thus not attracting attention. Sounds complicated? For some people it is not because they have a natural talent and interest in fashion, styling and co. For many other people it is quite and for them it can be useful to get professional advice from a stylist.

Because: as already mentioned, the optimal look for the job always depends on the individual case. A manager with a management function as well as customer contact in a major international corporation will dress differently than the computer scientist in the startup, who meets no human soul apart from his colleagues during working hours. And in many industries, there are no longer rigid rules. You could also say that the dress code has become more and more obsolete today.

5 tips for a perfect business look


Nevertheless, there are some basic rules that every worker should always pay attention to - because in western society they decide on the perceived attractiveness and seriousness of a person:

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  • Do not show too much skin: This applies to both women and men. Men should always wear long pants and at least cover their shoulders. A T-shirt or a short-sleeved shirt is therefore the minimum even on hot summer days - a muscle shirt, however, is less suitable for the business look. Unprofessional it also works when women wear too deep a decollete or too short a skirt. The latter should be at least knee length, as well as business dresses. Hotpants and spaghetti straps should be kept as well.
  • Makeup: Women should not apply too thick and stand up for one discreet look in everyday working life which, while highlighting your merits, does not seem too artificial. Otherwise, the sense of styling is more natural. Extreme hair colors or artificial fingernails may in exceptional cases fit the profession (hairdresser, nail designers, tattoo artist, etc.), but are out of place in most jobs. The same applies to the masters of creation.
  • Pay attention to a well-groomed appearance: In the end, make-up, hair and co must always be about leaving a clean impression. If men wear long hair, they should not look unwashed. Likewise, a beard must be trimmed and cared for. A pure skin, freshly washed hair and a good-smelling, but not too obtrusive perfume are already a good step in the right direction - both in the female and the male sex.
  • Choose the shoes correctly: In fact, the right choice of shoes can complete a look - or just make the wrong choice ruining it. The business look always includes closed shoes. The toes should not be visible, but women can still resort to pumps or ballerinas. Flipflops, on the other hand, are out of place in almost all occupations.
  • Wear subtle colors and patterns: The business look may or may not always be black, gray, brown or dark blue. Colors are allowed, but they should not be too strong. A dark red, a deep green or even a blouse in soft violet can skilfully add a wow effect to the outfit. Colorful patterns or even a T-shirt with "funny" imprint have lost nothing in professional life. In principle, the more creative the profession, the more extravagant the outfit may be. Women, especially with blond hair, should also be careful with the colors pink and pink. They quickly serve the cliché of "Barbie" and are no longer taken seriously enough in the job.

Conclusion: it depends on the overall impression


Ultimately, however, it depends on the big picture. If a brunette woman wearing an updo and costume wears a pink blouse to match her skin tone, she does not look less professional. If, on the other hand, the lady with hip-length, blond-blonde hair, artificial fingernails and too much make-up turns pink, she should not be surprised if she is not sufficiently respected in the job.

So the bottom line is: authenticity yes, but nevertheless your own style must be adapted to the respective occasion and thus to the job. Anyone who takes these tips into account and orients them to the dress code of the workplace has certainly laid an important foundation for a successful career.

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