The Right Business Clothes for the Right Job: Work-Life Balance in Fashion?

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One manager told us about the job interviews: For example, he had an unpleasant eye for a graphic designer who, when choosing clothes, simply lacked the feeling which clothes were suitable for their somewhat fuller weight. And even if it was just a test application, there are a few things you can do wrong during job interviews.


Here writes for you:


Simone Janson Simone JansonSimone Janson is publisherGerman Top20 blogger and Consultant for HR communication.


Banalities - or not?

Actually, there are many tips on fashion banality should you think - or not, if you look at the above example of the graphic designer?

By the way, she almost got the job, because the qualifications were great. In the end, the only thing that failed was that she was looking for a full-time position. The operations manager, on the other hand, would not care about the look and feel of the job: “Only during the interview, a certain form has to be maintained.”

Follow the dress code

And that is exactly the point of such clothing tips: the bosses in spe or the staffers want to see that one can also be in the customer contact and also other behave and certain practices of the industry. Therefore, it is also important to pay attention to the customary dresscode.

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Incidentally, this can also consist of jeans and sneakers, as is customary in the Berlin Internet scene. In a trouser suit you would simply be overdressed - that was Miram Meckel, too. Professorin and friend of Anne Will, as she gave a speech at the re: publica 2012.

Job and clothes must fit

For the reason, I've been giving lectures on blogs and the Internet, in jeans. For me anyway the most practical business garment, wrinkle-free and even with stain still chic.

Accordingly, one should not be too flexible in my opinion: Will Mann really in one Company work in which a tie is required if you loathe the parts? It will probably not fit elsewhere ...

Work-life balance in fashion

In my opinion this is the biggest problem of so-called business clothes: that is not enough to be practiced. On work-life balance in fashion.

For example, high-heeled shoes and costumes for several hours of train travel to appointments or hours-long trade fair visits simply not practical: far too big is the risk that the clothes get something, the paragraph kinks, etc. - not to mention the comfort times.

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Nor is it taken into account in such clothing tips that women's lifestyles have changed significantly: Who today still has time to change five times a day between children, work and various evening events? Usually you wear the same clothes all day. The noble T-shirt under the blazer instead of a blouse is already a must-have: crease-free and easy to change if a stain appears on it.

What is your business style?

I do not like jeans and sneakers at all, quite the opposite, but there is far too little a nice and practical business mode that adapts to the new lifestyle of women.

Business fashion does not have to be reputable, stuffy or boring - that also works differently - eg flip-flops for trouser suits or pinstripes on bicycles. Yes, you can even spice up the most boring pinstripes with a few accessories. Because the interest in the reader is obviously there!

Mobile office in stylish

And then this: When I met Robindro Ullah for an interview a few days ago, this photo opportunity spontaneously emerged. The clothes themselves are not particularly original, apart from the beige, waffle tie. But this combination of accessories: the sporty sunglasses, the bike clip in your pants - and the rental bike ... And no, that's not meant ironically, I thought that the combination looked really cool.

Not to forget, by the way, the roll case with pull-out handle that you can comfortably strap onto a bicycle (unlike a normal luggage rack ...). Incidentally, there is no luggage in the suitcase, but Robindro Ullah's mobile office, which he can carry around so much more conveniently than in a normal laptop bag. All in all, I personally think that this is a successful style.

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How do you see it? Which clothes do you prefer in your job?

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