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{Study} Federal Association for Digital Economy about the changes in companies 2011: 10 theses about the future of social media

And another forecast: The Federal Association for Digital Economy sees thanks to social media major changes in all divisions - from marketing to product development. The budget should rise as well.


The theses of the BVDW

The Federal Association of Digital Economy (BVDW) has published ten theses on the future of social media in 2011. The social media group at BVDW sees major changes in many areas of the company, such as marketing, public relations, market research, customer loyalty, personnel and product development. Small and medium-sized enterprises in particular will use 2011 Social Media more intensively.

Activities and budgets are set to rise. For now, social media is mainly used in marketing and public relations. In the coming months, social media will also gain in importance in areas such as personnel, market research and product development.

And also that especially large companies use social media should change. This year, especially small and medium-sized companies will discover the benefits of direct communication with the user. Accordingly, social media activities and budgets continue to increase significantly in 2011.

10 BVDW Theses on the Future of Social Media in 2011:

Social media is integrated into company organizations

The question of the right form of organization for the area of ​​social media is becoming a bigger issue. “Hobby solutions” with interns have had their day. The phase of a hype or trend is over, social media is becoming everyday life and needs to be organized across disciplines. The area of ​​corporate communication will play a central role across all departments.

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Employer Branding 2.0

Employer branding in social media becomes an essential component for companies in recruiting new employees. Static personnel areas on homepages and pure advertising portals were yesterday. Not only customers become more demanding, but also applicants rely on user-generated content in their decision-making process and inform themselves about the companies by means of their own presence, their evaluation and the activities of their employees in social media.

Product development is socialized

The development of new products and services is put on a broader footing. An extremely broad knowledge base as input for product development and extremely fast feedback internally and externally increasingly leads to “adaptive engineering”. The time of lengthy Mafos (surveys, observations, etc.) could soon be over before the introduction / development of new products.

CRM will no longer be what it was

Last year, the relationship management was largely unsocial. In 2011, we will experience an increasing merging of different CRM areas with social media components. Lead management, customer service and customer loyalty are the first CRM fields where social media will play an increasing role. CRM system providers will make systematic use of data and processes from social media.

Companies from the second row jump on

So far, big brands have driven the development of social media marketing. Special social media budgets followed entire advertising budgets. In 2011 the “small” to “medium” donors will also jump on the train. Medium-sized companies, industry, B2B, associations, NGOs - for them it is important to learn from the mistakes of the big ones and to assess where social media really benefits them. The added value of social media is often seen in other areas of the company and less directly in the advertising area.

Social media is more than just a facebook

Last year was marked by the big, blue giant. Large parts of the budget in Germany are in Facebook Apps and media flowed - the return on investment was previously uncertain. The users will discover new, dynamic platforms and applications for themselves in order to lead topic- and context-specific relationships. Brands will socialize the good old homepage in order to offer the community something in their own garden. Top topic platforms such as blogs and forums will bring the “longtail” back into conversation.

“Social Intelligence” becomes success

Social media monitoring was already a big topic in 2010. 2011 will be about further optimizing the tools. But much more important will be the question of how and for what the knowledge can be used. From an adaptive modulation of the communication over the product development to the customer segmentation - the data from the Social Web offer innumerable possibilities.

The ROI discussion continues

The measurability of the measures will continue to be an issue in 2011. What is success and how do I measure it? For the last few years, brands have been eager to be there. In the future, it will be about what brands achieve for results. Social media will become a typical aspect of everyday communication.

New professional pictures emerge

The use of social media requires new skills from the employees of the brands. Learning marketing knowledge can only be applied in parts. Social tools want to serve new tools and infrastructures, and a new communication style has to be shaped. Community managers are the new “workers” and at the same time the new success factors of communication. Brands should not miss out on building these positions internally together with corporate communications and other specialist areas of corporate organizations.

The end of the campaign, as we knew it

The campaign work learned for brands and agencies is an obsolete model. Ideas need to do more than generate attention - commitment is needed. Media is no longer bought but earned. The launch is not the end of the work, but the beginning.

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