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How much BAföG you get is determined by the demand rate. However, it is then also checked whether the income and the assets, both your own and that of your parents and, if appropriate, your spouse, are sufficient to meet your needs.


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Important NOTE

This entry contains content and information that may be out of date, eg due to legal or statistical changes. Because it can still be helpful to get an overview of the topic, you can still find it here.

How high are your requirements?

First, you want to know for sure how high the requirements are. The calculation of your demand rate is not based on your actual, very real and individual costs (referred to as specific requirements in the specialist yargon).

This would not be calculated for each individual because of the large number of applicants. Much more, an abstract need is determined for you.

lump sums

What is included? The BAföG offers flat-rate amounts, both for your livelihood (food, accommodation, clothing, etc.) as well as for the costs of your education (textbooks, travel expenses to the training center, etc.).

From this it is calculated, how high the demand of the individual per month is - just the abstract need, whose amount also depends on where one lives (for example with the parents) which training place one visits and whether one is still in the family health insurance or insure oneself must (from the 25. Taking into account all surcharges, the maximum funding rate for students living abroad is currently 481 Euro per month, for students it is 585 Euro. Depending on the country, there are separate supplements for studying abroad.

Who lives at home

If you are still living at home, depending on the training center you are attending, you have the following basic requirements:

training facilitySpecial conditionsbasic needs
Advanced general schools, vocational schools, technical colleges and technical collegesonly for applicants without completed vocational trainingno promotion
Vocational and vocational education and training, which leads to a vocational qualification in at least two years192 euros
Evening and Evening Real Schools, Vocational Education Schools, Fachoberschulenfor applicants with completed vocational training348 euros
Specialist schools, evening schools, colleges354 euros
Higher technical colleges, academies, universities (Fachhochschulen, universities, private universities)for applicants with and without completed vocational training377 euros
InternshipsDepending on the level of training required for the internship.

Who lives outside the parental home

If you have already moved out of your home, you will also get a supplement for your basic rental costs - the housing requirement. For example, as a student who no longer lives at home, you have an abstract basic requirement of 333 Euro and an abstract housing requirement of 133 Euro, in total a requirement rate of 466 Euro. In addition, there is a supplement to rental and additional costs up to 64 Euro above a certain rent. However, this does not apply if you apply for housing allowance. By the way: If you are a boarding student at a boarding school, the costs will not necessarily be reimbursed.

training facilitySpecial conditionsBasic equipment + home furnishingMietzuschlag
Advanced general schools, vocational schools, technical colleges and technical collegesonly for applicants without completed vocational training348 euros64 Euro, if the rental and incidental expenses amount

of 52 Euro.

Vocational and vocational education and training, which leads to a vocational qualification in at least two years348 euros
Evening and Evening Real Schools, Vocational Education Schools, Fachoberschulenfor applicants with completed vocational training417 euros
Specialist schools, evening schools, colleges443 euros
Higher technical colleges, academies, universities (Fachhochschulen, universities, private universities)for applicants with and without completed vocational training466 eurosUp to a maximum of 64 Euro, if the warm rent exceeds an amount of 133 Euro.
InternshipsThe demand rate and possibly the rent of the student will depend on the training required for the internship.

Health and long-term care insurance

Even if you are no longer covered by family insurance as a student or student, but have to pay your own health and long-term care insurance (because you have become 25, for example), you will receive supplementary benefits through BAföG:

Students and students who are self-insuredStatutory health insurancePrivate health insurance / private insurance
Health insurance supplement47 eurosRequirement rate increased by the proven costs, or 9 / 10 thereof, if these include optional services - max. but until 47 Euro.
Care insurance supplement8 euros

How long is BAföG paid?

Promotion period for pupils

As a student you will get as long BAföG as you visit the training facility. Even if you have to repeat a class, you get BAföG. However, a second repetition is promoted only in the case of particularly serious reasons. And: You get BAföG also during the school holidays.

If you attend an evening gymnasium, you will receive BAföG as soon as the obligation to pursue your professional activity no longer exists, regularly during the last three semesters.

Promotion period for students

How long you get BAföG as a student is determined by the promotion period. This is different for each discipline. How long you get BAföG also depends on what you study.

Attention: The promotion period counts from the beginning of the study. Anyone who applies for a grant period of nine semesters only in the fifth semester BAföG does not receive BAföG for nine semesters, but for a maximum of four semesters.

The BAföG decision specifies exactly how long your funding period is. However, this can change - for example, by changing the law by showing reasons in your course of study, why you took longer (more on this under study), because you have one or more children (then, however, the additional support is granted entirely as a grant ) or because you are getting a graduation grant.

Incidentally, the fact that you receive BAföG for a longer period of time does not automatically mean that the maximum funding period will be changed - under certain circumstances BAföG benefits may also be granted beyond the maximum funding period. This fact becomes particularly important if you are to repay your BAföG after years, because it may happen that the Office of Administration is wrong and demands reimbursement too early because it was not informed of the change in the maximum funding period.

Payment with reservation

In some cases, money will be paid under reservation, ie you will get your money even though it has not yet been finalized on your application. The money can then be reclaimed when the decision has been made, and you then have to pay the money.

You have asked for an update and you still have to prove your current income

The BAföG Office has processed your application too late and has now to pay you BAföG under reservation (see first application)

You have made the payment by means of a court injunction in the context of a lawsuit.


If your parents refuse to pay for you financially, you may receive training funding as advance payment. In this case, your claim to your parents will be transferred to the respective federal state up to the amount of the expenses incurred. This will then pick up the money from your parents.

Remedies against the BAföG decision

If you are dissatisfied with your BAföG decision, for example because you have received little or no money, you have the various possibilities to make use of a remedy. On each of your BAföG notices, you will usually find a legal statement that shows you which deadlines you have to observe. If you do not find any legal advice, you usually have a year for a contradiction.

There are two different ways for a remedy:


You can submit an objection formally to the BAföG office - within the deadline indicated by the appeal. It is sufficient, if you inform the BAföG-Amt stating your name, address, funding number, etc., that you are not satisfied with the decision. You can submit the reason later - but do not wait too long, because even with contradictions, the mills of the bureaucracy grind pretty slowly and their contradiction can possibly go through several instances.

The following can happen

  • The BAföG Office accepts your objection and changes your BAföG notification by means of a remedy. Enjoy!
  • The BAföG Office finds your objection unfounded and hands it over to the Landesamt für Ausbildungsförderung.

If the Land Office decides in your favor, you can be happy, otherwise you will only have a complaint.


If your objection is unsuccessful, you may file a complaint with the Administrative Court within one month of receipt of the opposition notice.

Since this is a lengthy affair, which can take up to three years, and you usually also get no money during the decision, it is recommended parallel to the application for an interim order to the Administrative Court to make - a kind of urgent request for Disbursement of the BAföG subject to reservation. This application is usually decided within three to four weeks. The lawsuit, however, must be continued at this time.

As a rule, the application for an express is not easy to make, as the following criteria have to be fulfilled

  • The court attests that the action is expected to be successful.
  • You must make sure that you can not study for financial reasons without payment of the BAföG

Error of the BAföG office

Also at the BAföG office are only people and they make mistakes. If these mistakes were obviously not apparent from the BAföG decision, and you have received too much BAföG due to this fact, you have good cards when the BAföG Office suddenly notices its mistakes and wants to have its money back To lodge an objection to the claim for reimbursement and to seek legal advice.

It looks different, however, if the mistakes were obvious to laymen from the BAföG application - because then you could have noticed them immediately. In such cases, an opposition to the promotion has little chance.

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