Here writes: Holger Jungclaus

Best of HR –®Holger Junglaus is a financial expert and tax advisor. Holger Jungclaus, born in 1939, was born in Hamburg and grew up not far from the Reeperbahn during the economically difficult post-war period. The third of four children could only graduate from elementary school. At the age of 15 Jungclaus started a commercial apprenticeship in the grocery wholesaler, then went to Schwarzkopf and Elektrolux. Soon he saw no further advancement for himself. That is why he trained as an IHK accountant in the evening school in the early 60s and obtained his secondary school leaving certificate via correspondence course in the 70s, followed by training as a tax consultant. For 36 years he was the backbone of finance at Hagenbeck's zoo. To this day, the 77-year-old advises on financial issues and would like to pass on his knowledge with his advisor “About dealing with money”.

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