Here writes: Gunther Wolf

Gunther Wolf, a graduate economist and graduate psychologist, is an expert in performance management, success-oriented management and organic growth strategies.

  • Employee motivation with bonus systems: Employer branding per salary?

    Bonus systems are generally regarded as an effective method of rewarding employees fairly because they are performance-related. And they are regarded as the number 1 motivational tool. Recently, however, the criticism of the performance bonuses has been growing louder. How can companies enforce a fair salary. Bonus systems with care One of the main points of the critics: Bonuses would drive employees to perform rather than intrinsically Read more

  • How to find the right employer branding strategy: 4 steps to the perfect employee

    Sudden staff departures are often a major challenge for companies. With the help of the right employer branding strategy, it is possible to close this gap and become the employer of choice for the right applicants. Finding the right employees is decisive for competitiveness The ability of a company to be able to provide itself with the required workforce at all times is developing into an existential Read more

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