Here writes: Chris Wolf

chris-wolfChris Wolf Graduated psychologist and author. Chris Wolf has been working in counseling and training for over 15 years. Topics from marketing, leadership, sales and communication with patients / relatives are the subject. Her own preference for introversion sparked interest in the topic and led to her great expertise in introversion-appropriate training methods and communication tools.

  • Introvert vs. Vs. Extroverted? Proper handling of introversion

    What tips should introverts take to heart? One tip in advance: It is important that you only try out what suits you, what feels natural and real. Do introverts need to change? The ambiverted show us impressively how valuable it is to be able to understand both sides. The question of one's own intro or extraversion helps Read more

  • Plea for Introverts: Silent Revolution?

    Introverted, quiet people are often not given enough attention in our society, in which extraversion seems to be the normal. I want to contribute to the fact that quiet people dare to stand by themselves confidently. What society thinks of introverts No introverted child or quiet adult should have to think that something is not Read more

  • React correctly to criticism: Allow feedback

    But how do you deal sensibly with feedback after the first insult? A very simple means often helps - more than giving in to the impulse to contradict -: the question. Asking questions and raising awareness As an instrument for self and impulse control, asking is useful even when you don't want to know anything! When Odysseus tie himself to the mast Read more

  • Dealing with feedback and criticism: Attack on the personality

    Criticism is so important: “You have to accept feedback in awe, at least it has to look like this. So just shut up and look moved. " Or what is the ideal, constructive handling of feedback? Humble and grateful? Accepting in awe and looking moved - this is how one can sum up the common idea of ​​the proper handling of feedback. Read more

  • Feedback in everyday leadership: 12 practical tips for constructive criticism

    In the case of feedback with positive and negative content, you have a great responsibility here, which as a professional you have to face to a special degree. Do you really have to say everything? Feedback and leadership “It is best to ask frequently how the employees are doing and take note of the answer graciously and inconclusive. And when you Read more

  • Feedback and Leadership: Self-fulfilling Prophecies

    Critics should handle feedback carefully, because self-fulfilling prophecies quickly emerge. The ancient Greeks already knew that. What actually is leadership? "As a manager, of course, I also have to give feedback." “Of course!” One would like to assure. But it is precisely in the management context, where power, pressure, intent to influence, the will to control and the image of human beings play an enormous role Read more

  • Change management and criticism: what bosses can change

    All too often, changes are requested or desired in the work context that are questionable. Because: You can't change a personality. The core of the personality It is generally assumed that the human being has a largely unchangeable core, which is called personality and which defines the individual. To do this, the human being has a sentence Read more

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