Here writes: Atilla Vuran

Best of HR –®Atilla Vuran is co-founder and director of the Grundl Leadership Inhouse Academy. Vuran has been director of the Grundl Leadership Inhouse Academy, which he co-founded, as well as a conference speaker and leadership expert since 2003. In recent years he has accompanied doctoral students in many university institutes during their doctoral studies.

  • Conquering fears & phobias quickly: 2 X 4 coping strategies

    There are basically three different reactions to fear: fight, flight after the frightening situation occurs, and avoidance of the situation. Neither of these strategies works against the fear itself. Strategies against fears The avoidance strategy in particular is dangerous. Because the fear persists or may even get stronger because the experience that the fear is inappropriate for the situation [...] Read more

  • Overcoming exam anxiety, shame & blockades: Methods against failure

    What do you associate with the word fear? Fear of the exam, fear of a lecture, fear of looking bad, fear of failure? Have you ever been afraid to ask a question? Below are some methods of dealing with anxiety. Almost everyone is afraid. You would certainly not be the first person to come across [...] Read more

  • Graduation with a master’s doctorate: With goals to success

    Doctoral candidates in particular struggle with the usefulness of their dissertation or want to get more out of it. But the problem also applies to the entire course of study. The solution lies in self-management and the right goal setting. WHAT do you want to do a HOW doctorate for? Afraid of the first time Luckily Laura had a window seat on the train to Frankfurt and it [...] Read more