Here writes: Professor Dr. Kurt Völkl

voelkl Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Völkl is general director of an Austrian social insurance company, he also works as a lecturer at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz and as an author of non-fiction. Völkl has been confronted with change in top management positions for 20 years. During this time he has implemented numerous change projects and leadership development projects. Together with the co-author, he is the developer of the “train the eight” change model.

  • The principles of success of leadership: team games

    We decided on a game. We now want to approach the decisions and changes in a playful way. The game stimulates us to be curious, to look for possibilities and to try things out. That takes the pressure off us, but not the responsibility. On the contrary. The inner game brings us our responsibility for a good one Read more

  • The principles of success of leadership: pattern of order for leadership work

    Order patterns are the secret of a complex world. Due to the self-organization that is inherent in matter, nature produces ever more complex structures. How do you apply this principle to companies? The order pattern of the hierarchy We humans are ourselves a complex order pattern, the formation of which is speculatively traced back to morphic fields. Also in every organization are forming Read more

  • The success principles of leadership: polarity and resonance

    The principle of polarity demands honest respect from managers. The principle of resonance brings us into contact with the vibrations of the world. What does that mean exactly for the effect? The principle of polarity for leadership work The recognized opposite pole is often perceived as an “opponent” and then naturally fought. But no one can win this fight because the Read more

  • The success principles of leadership: Prinzpien at a glance

    Companies like to talk about values ​​in great detail. But what do the 6 principles of success for leadership in companies look like? It all depends on the basic attitude The six principles of success for inner play also lead us in the direction of value attitudes. Accepting and living a principle of success leads us to a compatible attitude. We can Read more

  • The Leadership Principles: Why Conflicting Values ​​Are Important

    Corporate values ​​are a hot topic of discussion. It is often a question of these contradicting one another. How do you deal with these sometimes very different Poles? Do values ​​have to contradict each other? Finally, we wrote: If consistency (in the sense of effect) is made an important value in the company, then the positive equivalent becomes flexibility Read more

  • The principles of success of leadership: It depends on the right values

    For the management system, 6 principles guide us on the way to a new set of values ​​that should characterize leadership. What do they look like exactly? Why values ​​are important Values ​​are very important for managers in this country. In surveys, over 90 percent of executives attribute very high or rather high priority to the values, and a good 40 percent Read more

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