Here writes: Professor Dr. Ralf Trautwein

Best of HR –®Dr. Ralf Trautwein is a feeprofessor at the Furtwangen University and editor for various daily newspapers. Trautwein (born 1966) studied German, journalism, communication and political science at the University of Bamberg. He has been an editor for daily newspapers for almost 30 years. He also teaches as a feeprofessor at the Furtwangen University (HFU) in the Faculties of Economics and Mechanical and Medical Engineering as well as at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University. His subject area includes all disciplines of marketing and corporate communication. His focus here is on public relations, advertising, sponsoring, event marketing and new media. He also holds seminars on personality development in the university sector.

  • Success factor EGO: Be authentic!

    Those who can do something and who have the confidence to do something make their way. In order to be successful in what you do - whatever it is - you have to be convinced of yourself. That makes us strong. People with an ego are not egoists, they are sovereign. Our belief in ourselves resides in the ego. Read more

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