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Tom Diesbrock 84Tom Diesbrock is a psychologist, consultant, team developer and book author.

Tom Diesbrock himself has a curvaceous career behind him: starting with medical studies about working in a music project and as a photo editor, he studied psychology and founded a practice for psychotherapy. Today he works in Hamburg as a coach and psychological consultant. One focus of his work is the accompaniment of people in their professional reorientation. His book "Your horse is dead? Get Off! "Has been translated into several languages, and in October his new book" Butter at the Fish! "Will be released.


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Success & Management (HR magazine)

Digital transformation and professional reorientation: 5 tips for more structure!

Idea-finding, planning, self-management and the overcoming of blockades: Everything important for professional reorientation. But worth nothing if the right structure is missing. 5 tips on how to find them. Read more

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Success & Management (HR magazine)

Digital transformation and career reorientation: 5 tips against self-boycott!

Planning and developing new ideas are undoubtedly important issues. But dreaming alone is not enough - there are also stumbling blocks on the way to implementation. Read more

Career & Curriculum (HR magazine)

Digital transformation and career reorientation: solving problems instead of brooding!

Career reorientation is difficult for many people, especially in Germany - for too long was the philosophy that you work in the profession that you once learned. But in the face of the digital transformation, which does not stop at the workplace, reorientation is needed. Read more

Success & Management (HR magazine)

Mental self-management in everyday life and job: Do not put your light under the bushel

To be a good colleague or friend to others, I need compassion and empathy, but also clear limits and self-awareness. I need to know who I am, what I want and need. Whoever wants to do it all right here has a problem. Read more

Contribution also in eCourses & books:

Success & Management (HR magazine)

Mental self-management in everyday life and job: Stop being in the way!

Conflict prevention and harmony efforts at all costs, to orient themselves to the ideas of others and to make it right for everyone - these are childish strategies that do not make us happy. And as long as we are unsettled by other people, we do not pay attention to what we need and deserve. Read more

Contribution also in eCourses & books:

Career & Curriculum (HR magazine)

Why you should first look for the job and then the training path: Where is the dream job?

Many people looking for a job make a fundamental mistake: instead of looking for an interesting job that suits their abilities, that is, their own dream job, they focus on a specific occupation or degree program. In my opinion, this is a classic self-in-knee-shot technique - and I want to explain why: Read more