Here writes: Stefan Sillmann & John O'Donnell

Stefan Sillmann & John O'Donnell are traders and investment bankers. As an investment banker, Stefan Sillmann earned his living as an investment banker for almost 25 years trading and selling derivative products for interest rate and currency management in the most important trading centers in the world such as Frankfurt, London and also New York. His customers included international corporations, central banks from across Europe, regional savings banks and private investors. He and his team have been among the best in their industry for years, determined and awarded by the renowned Euromoney Magazine. For 10 years now, he has been accompanying executives and their employees from all industries in their daily challenging tasks as an independent coach and trainer. Since then, he has also supported countless young traders every year in their development on the trading floor. His work is characterized by practical and above all results-oriented content and measures. John O'Donnell has been a trader from the very beginning and has been active in the market for over 20 years. He worked for various international banks as a foreign exchange and fixed income trader and passed the exam as a stock trader on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange at an early age. From his own experience, the experience of fellow traders and dealing with private and institutional trading customers, he knows that both experienced market participants and newcomers tend to fall into the usual trading traps and lose money. From day one of his trading career he kept a trading diary for himself and repeatedly documented, analyzed and evaluated both his own behavior and that of his trading customers. This resulted in the Trade Analysis Diary (TAD), an electronic trading diary that has been helping him and all other traders every day for many years to operate more professionally and thus more successfully in the market.

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