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Vanessa Schäfer Vanessa SchäferVanessa Schäfer is an editor and PR manager at

She came from the book publisher to the newspaper editor: As the creative mind of the company she creates editorial contributions and press releases - and thus offers reading material around the topic of further education and professional life.

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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Virtual digital learning: 7 tips for further training in your free time

Summer, sun, free time! For some, the vacation beckons. The others are drawn to the quarry lake. And then there are people who use this time in a completely different way: namely for further training. Because at no other time in the year is learning as easy as in summer. 7 tips on how to do it best. Read more

Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

Recruiting and Retaining Sales Employees: Top 10 Requirements for Distributors

Good sales staff who really understand their craft are rare. But what really matters when it comes to filling vacancies in sales? And how can you keep these top forces? The 10 main requirements at a glance. Read more

Contribution also in eCourses & books:

Digital & New Work {HR magazine}

Flexible working time models: 5 advantages and disadvantages of home office

Flexible working time models, a better work-life balance and more freedom in everyday working life - employers fulfill all of these wishes of employees with only one thing: home office. Still, not everyone is happy. Read more

Contribution also in eCourses & books:

Labor market analyzes {HR magazine}

{Study} Shortage of skilled workers: These 10 IT specialists are the employers most looking for

It lacks back and forth: The need for IT specialists is immense. The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry last year identified the search for skilled workers as one of the biggest problems for IT companies in 2017, as reflected in the study of the IT professionals' digital market at Bitkom: 51.000 vacancies for IT specialists there is - tendency rising. But which experts ... Read more

Education & Training {HR magazine}

The future of continuing education: where are the providers?

Where is the continuing education sector currently? Where will it be going in the coming months? Is there a growth in the training market to be expected in the face of increasing digitization in companies? The online portal wanted to know and looked for the branch centers. Read more