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IMG_5194Lene Setzer is team leader and career advisor at CV Coach. The qualified pedagogue specializing in adult education / psychology is team leader and career advisor at CV Coach in Münster (Westphalia). Before that, she worked for several years in the area of ​​personnel consulting and recruiting. More information at

  • Paperless Application: Social Media and Apps as an Alternative?

    A world without the Internet - no longer conceivable today. It makes our life easier, more colorful, faster. For many areas this means an enormous process of change, because old methods have - in some cases very suddenly - become obsolete. Also in the application world. The tendency towards paperless applications Neatly and painstakingly processed application folders are becoming obsolete. According to a Bitkom survey Read more

  • {Replica} After Microsoft Acquired LinkedIn: The Social Recruiting Revolution

    The big career networks on the Internet have long since made it: they are revolutionizing the recruitment market. In the economically relevant industries and functional areas, almost every employee or job seeker is registered with one of the major portals. $ 26 billion for the LinkedIn career network The global IT giants understand the importance of networks and the power that they hold Read more

  • The 8 most important job search and application tips: How to find the dream job

    Many questions in terms of application preparation are a matter of taste - depending on the personal preferences of the HR manager, the decision can either be an easy one or cause a frown. In practice, however, there are some requirements for application documents that apply in principle: Errors are a “no-go” Recruiters read a large number of résumés every day. With a practiced scanner eye you will notice inconsistencies in the Read more

  • Video interview via Skype and Co: 7 tips for remote recruiting

    What do you think of job interviews via Skype? The majority of applicants consider this to be newfangled nonsense and often only assume a brief meeting before the “real” face-to-face interview. Well prepared for the interview via video telephony If you underestimate the video interview in such a way, you can lean back and relax - it will be for you Read more

  • How to compensate for gaps in the CV: 5 Tips for an application without lies

    One thing is certain: in résumés, cover letters and job interviews, people lie that the bars are bending. Recruiters regularly experience more or less successful attempts by applicants to give their professional careers more gloss than they actually do. Beware of false facts! The answer to the (rhetorical) title question is of course clear and precise at first glance: Read more

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