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Oliver Schumacher Oliver SchumacherOliver Schumacher is sales trainer and speaker.

The speaker (MA) and Betriebswirt (FH) worked 10 years in the B2B field service for the branded goods industry. Today, the fifth book author provides praxiserprobe tips and strategies on the topics of new customer acquisition, offer management and price negotiation. Its main clientele are small and medium-sized enterprises, which have their own field service.



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Inspiration & Marketing {HR magazine}

Sales increase through new customer acquisition: 5 tips for acquisition

Customers are (k) a predictable size. They come and go. For this reason alone, a systematic acquisition of new customers is necessary. But for fear of rejection, even savvy salespeople often shy away from addressing new prospects. Read more

Inspiration & Marketing {HR magazine}

Referral Marketing as a sales promoter: 7 tips for good references

A recommendation often has more impact than any of the seller's arguments. Not infrequently, it makes the difference that a purchase actually comes about. The secret? Numbers and facts are one thing. But here comes a human in the game. Read more

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Inspiration & Marketing {HR magazine}

Do not give away money: Do not negotiate too nicely!

According to the motto "Don't bother" many sellers give away hard cash. A seller doesn't have to be nice and kind! A clear discussion structure, a firm demeanor and honest communication bring more. Namely sales. Read more

Inspiration & Marketing {HR magazine}

Regular sales and profits in sales: 8 tips [+ 4 times checklist]

Sales determines the success of every business. Whether the financial year on 1. January or on the 1. July begins. Reflection and analysis of the completed period are a good basis to start professionally in an even more successful phase. Read more

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