Here writes: Dirk Rauh

dirk-rough Dirk Rauh is a trainer and studied economics and psychology. Rauh, born in 1965 and raised in a small Swabian town, studied business administration with integrated teaching after completing his technical college entrance qualification. He lived in the USA for several years, where he continued his education in communication and personal development, completing his psychology degree in the summer of 2014. In Germany, more than 20 years ago, he took the plunge into self-employment as a trainer and seminar provider for communication, personal development and NLP. He advises and accompanies employees and executives of well-known companies and organizations. From 2001 he developed his seminar concept "Einsich-T" based on the "Percept" method by Hannah and Jake Eagle (USA) and offers open and in-house seminars, workshops and training courses -on-the-job and gives lectures. He lives in Reutlingen. More information at