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Eric Ries 80Eric Ries has established the lean start-up method and made it popular.

He is the founder of startup blog and co-founder of IMVU, a gaming and entertainment network. 2007 named Business Week as one of the best young technology founders. 2010 became an entrepreneur-in-residence at Harvard Business School. In addition, he has co-authored many books and continues to be the founder, such as a senior software engineer at


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StartUps & Finance {HR magazine}

Lean startup method: 5 principles at a glance

Products change constantly during fine tuning of the motor. Possibly, albeit more rarely, the strategy must also be changed, so-called course correction. The overriding vision, on the other hand, is rarely touched. Read more

Inspiration & Marketing {HR magazine}

Lean Startup Method: The Ladder to Success

Henry Ford is one of the most successful and famous entrepreneurs of all times. The idea of ​​company management is closely linked to the history of the automotive industry since its beginnings, and therefore it is an ideal metaphor for a startup. Read more

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Inspiration & Marketing {HR magazine}

Lean StartUp method: innovation through incentives

So far, it was about the freedom of choice of innovators. However, this presupposes one thing in advance: that the innovator or the innovation team also feels personally responsible for the innovation and considers this to be his work. In addition, the corporate structure can not only provide financial incentives. Read more

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Inspiration & Marketing {HR magazine}

How To Promote Innovation In Start-Up's: Black Box Or The Overwhelmed Manager

The pressure on innovation is enormous. Without the ability to react more agile and to engage in experiments, any company would eventually suffer the fate described in the book The Innovator's Dilemma: year after year, higher profits and margins will run until the bubble bursts. But what about it? Read more

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Inspiration & Marketing {HR magazine}

How to promote innovation in Start-Up's: Create a platform for experimentation

If you want to promote innovation in start-ups, you should set up basic rules for the operation of autonomous start-up teams. This is the only way to protect the parent organization from harm and to enrich it with a successful innovation. Read more

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