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Dr. Cornelia Topf Dr. Cornelia TopfDr. Cornelia Topf is a certified business coach and international management trainer.

Supported for over twenty years Cornelia Topf As an international management trainer and certified business coach, well-known companies of all sizes and industries. Her areas of focus include goal-oriented communication and success-oriented body language. In particular, the promotion of women is the PhD economist at heart. The managing director of "metatalk Kommunikation und Training" in Augsburg is the author of many textbooks and guidebooks that have been translated into numerous languages. These include titles such as "Self-Coaching for Women," "Successful Negotiating for Women," "Assertiveness for Women," "The Leadership Book for Cheeky Women," or "Disarming Presentation Torpedoes." Cornelia Topf is also a sought-after expert in the media.



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Style & effect (Work & Life)

Being sovereign: what is sovereign behavior? 2 X 8 Tips

The term sovereign comes from the Latin "superanus" and means "superior". An unrestricted ruler is a sovereign. A sovereign person is someone who is safe and superior in acting and acting because of his abilities. That's what this is about. Read more

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Style & effect (Work & Life)

Body Language Control for Job Success: 7 X 3 Tips for Body Language Training

At first impression it comes. And above all in the profession, the external impression is even more important, because it has serious consequences! Our body language is not only effective, but also versatile: voice, posture, seat, gait, as well as facial expressions, gestures and a few other factors. Read more

Style & effect (Work & Life)

Body language control for job success: With the right gestures and facial expressions for a better impression

How we act on others, what impression we leave behind, whether we are considered competent or dubious, and whether we can assert ourselves or more often have to lose out - all of this is communicated, inter alia, through body language. How can we control this? Read more