Here writes: Britta Posner

britta_posnerBritta Posner is an integral business coach and heads the management consultancy The Collaboration Practice. Before founding her own company, she worked for 16 years in marketing communication in various management positions in London and Berlin. In addition to her budget, Posner is also responsible for national customers such as Nescafé, MasterCard and Fromageries Bel as well as international brands such as Accenture, Xerox and AEG / Electrolux In recent years she has developed training programs in the field of marketing communication for RKCR / YundR, McCann Erickson Nestlé and the IPA (Institute of Practitioners in Advertising). In addition to her studies at the Free University of Berlin (biology - Dipl.) and the University of Cambridge (biological anthropology - MPhil), Ms. Posner published various articles, poems and short stories as a freelance journalist. More information at

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