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Uta Rohrschneider UtaUta Rohrschneider is Managing Partner of grow.up. Management consulting.

After many years of experience in personnel and management development, she has been advising clients on the implementation of sustainable HRM for fifteen years. She is the author of over twenty publications on leadership and HRM. Together with Sarah Friedrichs, Hanna Haarhaus and Marie-Christine Lohmer, she has the book “Successful employment interviews. How to find the right employees with professional questions ”.


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Latest posts

Career & Curriculum {HR magazine}

Career advancement: 5 New career paths in companies

"Making a career" is usually about becoming a boss or a leader. What many employees overlook: The specialist career also offers an alternative to the "classic" leadership career path. Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Leading introvert employees: 10 tips for extroverted bosses

Among bosses we find introverted and extroverted personalities. For the latter, special challenges may arise when they have to lead introverted employees. 10 tips for a change of perspective. Read more

Contribution also in eCourses & books:

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Leadership for teamwork and personal responsibility: 7 tips for self-directed teams

What is the future of our working world? In the discussion about New Work, the media and society are mainly in agreement with two things: a new understanding of leadership and employees should be given more responsibility. What does it look like? Read more

Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

Leadership, Employee Engagement and Digital Transformation: It's Really Important - 7 Tips!

“Work 4.0”, “Disruption” and “VUCA” - hardly a day goes by without a newspaper titling these buzzwords. The digital transformation is in full swing. What does this development mean for managers? Read more

Contribution also in eCourses & books:

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Create a team from personalities: 5 Tips for optimal teamwork

“A team is only as strong as its weakest link” or “Those who work alone add up. Whoever works together in teams multiplies ”- there are many beliefs surrounding teamwork. Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Time management made easy: 7 rules for successful delegation

Delegating means less work. In retrospect, however, many would wish that they had laid their own hands. Those who do not want to stifle work must, however, delegate tasks. With these seven rules, it works smoothly. Read more

Application Tips {HR magazine}

Interviews that surprise and provoke applicants

HR personnel want enlightening answers in a job interview. Strong provocations and controversial opinions are therefore often used. How far can the provocation go? Read more