Here writes: Martin Peters

93Martin Peters is the owner of a language institute and suggestopedia expert. Martin Peters is the owner of Martin Peters Sprachentraining GmbH with over 25 years of experience in language course consulting, conventional language teaching and the superlearning / suggestopedia method. Peters wrote his thesis on this method at the University of Bonn. More information at

  • What is Suggestopedia? Method in the light of science

    Despite numerous success stories, there are still many critical views on the subject of suggestopedia. Trainers and teachers of theCourses are often confronted with the question of whether the method is scientifically proven. For this reason, we want to deal with this question a little more intensively in the following. The union of psychology and pedagogy The beginnings of the suggestopedic teaching method Read more

  • Learning Languages: How Does Suggestopedia Work?

    With increasing globalization, foreign language skills are indispensable when it comes to career advancement. In addition to the fact that you can beat some of your competitors out of the running for applications, everyday work and communication with business partners is also made much easier. What is suggestopedia? However, acquiring or improving language skills remains difficult in one's own country Read more

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