Here writes: Monika B. Paitl

103Monika B. Paitl is the owner of the PR agency communications9, was among other things assistant to the Austrian ambassador to the OECD and has been in charge of PR for various corporations. Communications9 is the strategic PR agency for German, Austrian and international keynote speakers, trainers and coaches. Monika B. Paitl was responsible for European press work at Nissan, France, and has worked for numerous other international automotive and electronics groups in Europe and overseas. She is also a trained public relations specialist at the Bavarian Academy for Advertising and Marketing (BAW) and a PR consultant at the German Academy for Public Relations (DAPR). In addition to all classic online and offline PR activities, communications9 focuses on strategic positioning advice. Monika B. Paitl accompanies authors on their way to the right book at the right time and is an expert in book PR. More information at