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17Isabel Nitzsche is a journalist for TV and magazines and an expert on career topics. Isabel Nitzsche is a graduate of the German School of Journalism. She works for television and magazines as well as a trainer and coach, she is also the author of several successful non-fiction books (including "Rules of the game in the job. How women see through them and use them for themselves" and "Practical book on conflict resolution: Constructive and self-confident in dealing with customers, Colleagues and business partners ”) and has specialized in jobs and careers, on which she also offers workshops. More information at

  • Professional and Personal Crisis: 5 radical questions about the new beginning

    In Chinese, the word for crisis consists of two characters: the one for danger and the other for a new beginning. Even in its Greek origins, the crisis was not a catastrophe, but actually a turning point. And you should see it that way too. It is important to note that if you recognize warning signals in good time, you will find it easier. Feeling vs. reason “We have to part” - at the latest if Read more

  • Looking ahead positively after life crises: Change the script for motivation

    Imagine you've done a thorough analysis. But in order to be able to act differently in the future, you also have to rewrite your inner script. A couple of suggestions. Changing the script For example, instead of “I am ok if… this or that condition is met” it could read: “I am O. K. like Read more

  • Self-analysis for success: recognizing strengths and weaknesses with mindfulness

    A professional or personal crisis requires one thing above all: honesty with yourself. Think carefully about what part you played in it, because this is the only way you can do something better next time. Thinking about the crisis Because if you just take a rest, stop thinking about the crisis and don't change anything, it will exist Read more

  • Defeat crises, change things: 2 X 5 instant help tips

    Of course everyone reacts differently when a sudden, unexpected, negative situation or crisis breaks out. Nevertheless, one can determine certain phases in each person, which proceed in a similar way for everyone. First aid in a crisis When a crisis breaks out, you are usually in shock at first, depending on how big the cut in your area of ​​life is. if Read more

  • Avoid self-sabotage in a crisis: When the psyche is wavering

    Professional or personal crises: nobody likes them, everyone knows them. In doing so, they are often not only inevitable, but in fact vital. Why crises are essential to life The fact is that personal and professional crises can hit us at any time and often unexpectedly. In doing so, they are usually viewed negatively, but such crises can certainly be seen as positive. A professional one Read more

  • Power and Communication Between Men and Women: Field Studies on the Field

    A top dog dominates a group. So he has to prove to the team or in public that he is the greatest. And this is exactly where the best behavioral studies can be done. Because in order to recognize hierarchical structures, field observation helps according to the motto: “Respect, but not afraid of top dogs”. Where's the playing field observation helps you be pragmatic Read more

  • Success and power through a clear stance

    When women are trapped in the hierarchy of validity, they must take personal criticism to heart. If, on the other hand, they recognize that the rules of the game of a hierarchy of dominance apply, they can consider how the next point should go to them. If you don't want to be liked, you become more capable of acting Or, to put it simply: men don't have to like a boss, not as Read more

  • Rules of success and power games in business: dominance vs. Validity?

    “Naturally different” has Doris Bischof-Köhler, Professorin and an expert in developmental psychology, called her book on the differences between men and women. Because men and women obviously have completely different ideas about hierarchies. Dominance hierarchy vs. validity hierarchy In her book describes the Professorinto the male rank structure as a dominance hierarchy, whereas purely female groups tend to establish a hierarchy of validity. The hierarchy of dominance Read more

  • The unwritten success rules for power: attention top dog!

    A beautiful, new world of work: virtualization, flexibility, project work and matrix organization are the hallmarks of modern companies. You might think that there is no longer a suitable territory for male self-promoters and top dogs who benefit from classic hierarchies. Or is it? Why women should concern themselves with hierarchies Why should they concern themselves with such old-fashioned topics as hierarchies and their possible positioning within them? Read more

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