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94Winfried Neun is an innovation consultant, business economist and psychologist. As an innovation consultant, Winfried Neun has been helping companies with change processes since 1991. He is the founder and managing director of KOM® Kommunikation- und Managementberatung, a specialist author in well-known print media as well as in the television sector and is an advisory board member in various medium-sized companies. Nine studied business administration and psychology.

  • Really well and motivated decide: Logical vs. Conservative

    A lot can be understood by logical thinking. However, the IQ tests are not a measure of the severity. The expression lies more in the way in which questions and tasks are solved. Because these skills determine the ability to make decisions. Facts, facts, facts In the fact check, the logical dominance shows some significant peculiarities. Because numbers, data Read more

  • Emotional and conservative decisions in comparison

    There are undoubtedly very future-oriented decision-making types. In complete contrast to him, the emotional and the conservative decision-maker are in comparison. The focus is on a positive attitude towards life The emotional I describes a personality trait that primarily favors the finer things in life. People who are characterized by this dominance are very much fixated on social contacts. Read more

  • Addressing future-oriented decision-making processes with motivation

    There are different types of decisions - e.g. the future-oriented type, who make quick and holistic decisions. Anyone who knows these types of people is usually better at dealing with colleagues and employees. The 4 I’s So it happens that some people like to develop new ideas and are creative and others prefer to come up with beautiful ones Read more

  • Making decisions: methods and processes in the brain

    Every Jeck is different - this also applies in particular to decision-making processes: A major cause of different behaviors and attitudes towards change is anchored in our personality. It started five million years ago If you look closely at the evolution of our brain, you can see that the human brain evolved over thousands of years Read more

  • Rational decision and good intentions: Counselors are useless!

    Good intentions are nothing more than a drug for our conscience. They calm us down and enable conflict-free action in other areas. Everyone knows the many declarations of intent at the end of the year or at the New Year. Unfortunately, all too often it remains a pious wish. Why? Why we need clear goals In order to then derive an action from the intention, there is a need Read more

  • Good decisions vs. Pessimism: You can not think of depression!

    “I want, therefore I can” - this is roughly how the common motivation theory, which is focused on our will, works. But it is not only a matter of our supposed iron will - many other factors are also important for a good decision. Our mood as a decision-making factor Of course, our character and our individual personality play an important role in decisions Read more

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