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Rolf Morrien Best of HR –®Rolf Morrien is a stock analyst, non-fiction author and editor of various exchange services.

Rolf Morrien was born in Metelen and now lives with his wife in Rheinbrohl. After graduating from school, he studied history, economics and politics in Münster and Vienna. After a year abroad in Vienna, he completed training as a business journalist at what was then the Bonn Journalism Academy.

After completing his traineeship, he started working as an editor for “share analysis” and has published various exchange services since 2002. In these services, he publishes recommendations for investing and his assessments of markets and companies.

Together with the financial journalists Janne Jörg Kipp and Judith Engst, he wrote the books »State bankruptcy ahead«, »The anti-crash book« and »Stock market easily understandable«. In addition, Rolf Morrien speaks frequently at trade fairs and lectures such as the Invest investor fair in Stuttgart. In addition, he regularly writes a column in the “Diplomatic Magazine”.

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