Here writes: Patrick McKeown

Best of HR –®Patrick McKeown is a naturopath & director of Buteyko Clinic International. Having suffered from asthma and other respiratory disorders for over 20 years, the subject of breathing is very important to Patrick McKeown. In 2002 he completed his training in the Buteyko method, a complementary medicine method for the treatment of obstructive airways diseases, at the Buteyko Clinic in Moscow. Today he is not only the director of the Buteyko Clinic International but also a member of several medical committees and societies. He gives workshops and lectures around the world on the subject of breathing disorders and teaches other naturopaths in the Buteyko method. In addition, he has already written several books that have been translated into over ten languages.

  • Breathing against fear, stress and panic: the Buteyko method

    Correct breathing helps relieve stress and anxiety, improves performance and can cure diseases such as asthma. How exactly does it work? How life changes through breathing In 1997 I was a manager in a company, but since I suffered from asthma, my health had been in poor health since childhood. My identity was based on deficits: I was Read more

  • Breathe properly to get fit and happy

    Studies show that people who live at higher altitudes tend to live longer. It is not known which mechanisms are behind this in detail - the effect could be due to several different factors. Why do people live longer in higher altitudes? The closest explanation is the oxygen partial pressure, which decreases with increasing altitude. That a restriction on calorie intake the Read more

  • Anxiety, stress and panic: how to control your thoughts

    We consider the mind to be the most important faculty of the human species; however, most people have very little real control over their mind as it races from one thought to the next. A controlled mind as an essential characteristic of quality of life Excessive mental activity, stress, depression and anxiety are nothing other than the absence of one Read more

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