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Michael Lorenz Michael Lorenz

Michael Lorenz is managing partner of grow.up. Management consulting.

He is an experienced consultant, trainer, coach and author of numerous books on leadership, human resource management, communication and personality development.


http: /grow-up.de

Latest posts

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Negotiate Well and Negotiate Negotiations: 8 Leadership Tips

“Boss, isn't it enough if I finish reporting next week? I just can't get anything in… ”You probably know situations like this from your everyday life as a manager from time to time. But do you also react appropriately? 8 tips to negotiate correctly. Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Leadership, team spirit and effective team development: 4 steps to the Dream Team!

As a manager, you are often given extensive, long-term projects for which you then have to put together your own team. But a diverse group of employees does not make a team. In many places, the term “team” quickly becomes an acronym for “great, someone else does it”! How do you get a long-term motivated and successful team in 4 steps? Read more

Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

Employee Motivation - 7 Golden Rules: Every boss gets what he deserves!

What is the ideal employee for you? Competent, enthusiastic about the work, reliable and reliable are characteristics that are quickly called. But, above all, in one point, executives are quick to agree - they should be highly motivated. Read more

Style & effect {Work & life}

Organize meetings efficiently: 7 + 1 golden rules for efficient meetings

Hardly a day goes by without meetings in companies: Meetings shape the day-to-day work of executives and employees at all levels. But all too often they go chaotic for lack of meaningful planning and finally end without tangible results. That does not have to be! If you follow a few simple rules, your next sessions are guaranteed to be a complete success. Read more

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Application Tips {HR magazine}

How to make the selection of your personnel even more appealing: 8 tips for structured job interviews

Recently, we've already given 8 tips for better and, above all, more efficient job interviews. Due to the high demand, we want to go into more detail today and show you how to ideally structure your interview and what questions you should ask. Read more

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Application Tips {HR magazine}

Staff selection via application interview often inefficient: 8 rules for better job interviews

Numerous studies prove that the interview is the weakest instrument in the selection of staff - and still the most widely used. As good as no candidate comes without an interview in his new position. Learn how to get closer to the decision for the right candidate without listening to your gut feeling alone. Read more

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