Here writes: Erwin Langemann

langmann_erwinErwin Langmann is a risk management consultant with a focus on transport, logistics and supply chain management. Erwin Langmann began his career in 1982 with a well-known insurance broker. This was followed by the establishment and development of the transport division for the Gerling Group. In addition to the development of the division, he was mainly responsible for broker and customer support. Most recently, Langmann was the transport division manager for the Austrian branch of the ACE European Group, where he was primarily responsible for international business. He works as a business trainer in the fields of logistics and SCM and, together with management consultant Ernst Kurzmann, wrote the book “Supply Chain Management. How you survive with networked thinking in the 21st century ”written by FAZ-Verlag.

  • Supply Chain Management - 2 X 6 tips: magic of networked thinking

    There are magicians, but there is no magic in the world of business. All the magic, whether by salespeople, buyers or consultants, that seem magical to us, has its pitfalls. Fascination of Supply Chain Management The world of the SCM is in itself fascination and magic, because you can use intelligent and clear analytical coordination of the possibilities of the individual Read more

  • Supply Chain Management - networked thinking: money costs and alternative costs in sales

    In many industries, joint campaigns are carried out between manufacturers and retailers. In the catering and supplying industry, for example, events are often organized. Sales cooperations This is how a beverage manufacturer supports the catering trade when larger events are organized. Often a field sales representative of the beverage manufacturer comes on-site to discuss the event with the restaurateur and to organize it Read more

  • Networked thinking and supply chain management in sales: Understock costs as well

    Cross-company supply chain management generates new markets and market opportunities along the supply chains, especially for logistics service providers and suppliers. How do new opportunities arise? These new market opportunities result from the constant reduction in the company's range of services, also in the course of outsourcing. The redesign of entire supply chains, service networks and value creation networks are creating new procurement and sales markets. Numerous Read more

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