Here writes: Karin Lohner

71Karin Lohner is executive coach, DCV certified senior and teaching coach, speaker, lecturer and author. Karin Lohner is an expert in essential leadership coaching. The qualified interpreter and business economist worked for 25 years in positions in industry and business in the areas of further education, marketing and sales. For 6 years she headed the corporate academy of an automotive supplier. This was followed by training as an individual psychological consultant and professional coach. She has been working as an executive coach and teaching coach in the sense of “pure coaching” for 16 years, three years of which in the USA. In 2003 she founded Lohner Coaching based in Munich and trains herself to become a systemic coach CCC®, certified by the DCV. Karin Lohner is a member of the German Speakers Association and the German Coaching Association DCV. She conducts her appearances and coaching in German and English. More information at

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