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Elmar Lesch Elmar Lesch Elmar Lesch is a business coach, management and sales trainer.

Dipl.-Ing., Dipl.-Wirtschaftsingenieur (FH), is an internationally certified management consultant BDU / CMC as well as a successful management and sales trainer, business coach, project manager and lecturer for project management. Owner of the consulting firm for sales & marketing LESCH CONSULT and shareholder of the UMSATZMEISTER Methods Institute for Potential Development.

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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Designing processes as an executive: Achieving the goal with implementation energy - 8 tips

Not the idea is the central point of many (new) projects, but their implementation. What is needed is holistic thinking by executives, coupled with effective implementation methods. They lead employees and managers motivated to success. Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Motivating Leaders: Change Management Process - 4 Tips

Change requires change - and often resembles a balancing act. Because the success of new ideas is decided by a quick implementation. And that succeeds only with motivated managers and employees. Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Agile leadership coaching with the 8A implementation method

In order for employees to develop well, agile leadership coaches are needed in companies as promoters and initiators of creative potential. Easier to do this with the 8A implementation method. Because: Without implementation no success! Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Leadership and change management: convincing and integrating employees

Businesses are changing. This daily demands not to remain in old patterns of thinking and behavior, but to quickly make new decisions, but above all, to take action. Because: Without implementation no success! Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Implement projects instead of failures: 6 SAU traps as the cause

Positive business development is not easy. Because executives do not know where and why employees are not, why failure is the order of the day. Possible cause: Six SAU traps. But: no success without implementation! Read more