Here writes: Sabine Lanius

laniusSabine Lanius worked in the management of an international trade fair company and has been coaching executives since 1998.Sabine Lanius, born in 1965, advises and coaches executives and experts who want to reflect and optimize their leadership and communication behavior. She works for corporations and medium-sized companies as well as for well-known academies. She is also a lecturer at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz. Her work focuses on job-related topics such as leadership, communication, especially feedback, onboarding / job transition, new placement / career advice. Before becoming self-employed, the business administration graduate gained management experience at an international trade fair company in marketing / sales (b2b) and in renowned consulting firms. More information at

  • Give feedback constructively: Criticize, but correct!

    How do you give constructive feedback - without disturbing the other? First of all, the question needs to be clarified: What do you actually want? To criticize? Give an instruction? Or give feedback? Guiding principles for feedback recipients Make it clear whether or not you are "ready to receive" feedback. If not, suggest another time or place. Read more

  • Help, feedback trap: don't be afraid of criticism!

    "Nothing good ever happens when feedback is missing," Steve Armstrong, Senior Vice President of Kelly Services is quoted as saying. Feedback should be a gift, a tonic for productivity and work efficiency. One of the most important instruments for successful development, learning and change processes. In the horror cabinet of feedback Giving feedback is not difficult. Accept feedback even more. There is Read more

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