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Marcus König_squareMarcus König is a consultant and coach. König has more than 25 years of experience in management positions at various locations in different countries. He accompanies change processes in companies and for this reason always considers processes, methods and tools at the interface between people and business, ie people are placed at the center of business activities. More information at

  • People in business: Handling emotions properly - 4 principles

    Changes in companies trigger emotions. Usually these are initially negative: fear or helplessness are often greater than anticipation or hope. These feelings must not be flattened and ignored. If a change process is to succeed, the correct handling of the emotions of the employees concerned is an essential component. People instead of processes empathy, appreciation, personality often become Read more

  • The human in the business: In the end it's the frogs

    At the beginning of all change there is often a fear of the new. In retrospect, changes usually lose their horror. How can you face change? How changes (do not) happen While medical professionals warned at the beginning of the railway of the dangers for passengers due to the speed of the new mode of transport, today we even use high-speed trains without health problems Read more

  • Man in business: accompanying change processes

    Economic success always requires two: people plus business. And in that order. Business only works successfully when convinced people are behind an idea. If they oppose it, it is very likely that there will be no success. The same applies to change processes. Here, too, the focal point is the interface between people and business. Change is everywhere Read more

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