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Claudia Hupprich Claudia HupprichClaudia Hupprich is a management consultant for DAX companies and medium-sized companies.

She is a sparring partner for people who want to gain clarity about their goals in the increasingly digital and agile world and who want to implement them successfully. It has been supporting people and organizations that are in the process of change (or would like to be in it) for more than 20 years. Her customers include DAX companies, medium-sized companies and individuals.

Hupprich is the founder & managing partner of consulting @ work, top 11 coach D / A / CH (manager magazin 8/2019), finalist GSA Newcomer Award, certified professional speaker and certified master coach. Her new book "Success Journey - The success journey to your goals" was published in January 2020 by Haufe-Verlag.


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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Reach goals, manage negative feedback correctly: 6 tips against whiners and energy vampires

Target pirates, also known as energy vampires, are among the greatest dangers in reaching the target: people who constantly nag at good ideas and give negative feedback. How can you see through them faster and defend yourself against them? The 6 best strategies. Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Proper failure: 5 tips what managers can learn from politicians

Constantly there are elections somewhere. And there are always winners and losers who have to pack their bags. As a politician, you are only in office for a limited time. That's why managers can learn a lot from you. Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Internal critics solve blockages and fears: what label do you have?

Each of us knows the "inner critic". He interferes in our thinking and acting without being asked. He gives us supposedly benevolent advice and exhorts us what we must, must not or cannot do. Read more

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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Recognizing internal blockages and defeating them spontaneously: 4 tips in the emergency emergency package

Sometimes deep-seated blocks, called wusel, hit us completely unprepared, and we then react unusually emotionally. Perhaps you are interested in getting to know a few small emergency interventions that do not change the bustle behavior but at least interrupt it. Read more