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Olaf Hinz Style: "Color tone - warm"Olaf Hinz was the office manager of Peer Steinbrück, and today he is a leader in the field of challenging waters.

Olaf Hinz advises and coaches experienced executives and project managers who also want to manage effectively beyond tools and checklists. As a committed Hanseat, he helps his customers through challenging situations and supports them in fulfilling their tasks with maritime serenity. Before his independence, Olaf Hinz worked as an office manager for Peer Steinbrück, at that time Minister of Economic Affairs in Schleswig-Holstein and HR Manager / Project Finance Officer at LB Kiel. He publishes regularly on central aspects of his consultancy and has written several books.



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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Teams as managers - 6 tips: flexible management, away with the alpha animals!

Many companies have long been aware of this: In times of increasing uncertainty, regular trend breaks and increasing complexity, it is good to organize company management in the team, instead of simply focusing on charisma. Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

5 Tips for leadership with influence: How to find your core group

There is a sense of rarity: in the enterprise there is an informal hierarchy in addition to the formal one. Kind Kleiner calls this informal hierarchy the core group. And that is exactly what you need to achieve if you want to lead properly. Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Manage projects instead of managing: what makes successful project captains

Successfully managing projects is above all: management on the brink of chaos! The essence of a project is that goals change in the process, that members change the team, appointments are reversed, or the market has new requirements. How to deal with such imponderables? Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Project management and leadership: more than a certified method

“Project manager in 3 days - How to get your projects under control!” - This and similar label fraud has been found in the project management consulting market for over 15 years - bold promises, certified standards and a host of tools and methods. Read more

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Success & Management {HR magazine}

Leading projects instead of managing them: leading teams properly

A look at the practice shows that the need for “project managers” is increasing: almost all success-critical innovation or reorganization processes in companies are handled today in project form. A specialist department alone is less and less responsible for these central tasks. Read more