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hanna-hard elandHanna Hardeland is a trained teacher. As a learning coach, coach and trainer, she runs her own institute and is a sought-after expert on the subject of learning coaching and learning counseling throughout Germany. She is certified as a career advisor and learning coach by the Christian-Albrechts-Universität Kiel. She is also a lecturer at the Hanover University of Applied Sciences (Faculty V). Hardeland has developed a systematic training course for learning coaches in Germany. Here she trains pedagogical staff such as teachers and social workers to become learning coaches and learning advisors so that they can effectively and practically expand and develop their own (learning) coaching skills. More information at

  • Train resilience: learn self-efficacy and reflection

    Self-confidence, self-efficacy and the ability to reflect and personal responsibility are elementary components of learning. The learner experiences that he can control and (positively) control his actions himself. Self-efficacy requires responsibility The experience of being able to change and make a difference is fundamental to a person's wellbeing. Appropriate assumption of responsibility can thus sustainably strengthen the target action. Become with learning coaching Read more

  • The right learning technique: Overcoming stamina blockages and frustration tolerance

    Learners, especially when they train independently, often fail due to their lack of perseverance and frustration tolerance. Blockages must also be recognized and overcome in order to make progress in learning. How learning coaching activates perseverance Often tasks or challenges are quickly put aside because the learner feels discouraged or incompetent. Learning coaching aims to activate resources: The Read more

  • Secure learning success: improve determination and motivation

    My experience has shown that the individual learning coaching sessions are to be viewed as a process, as food for thought occurs in each case, which also encourages further reflection and reflection beyond the actual session. Basic information on the subject of learning Therefore, I would like to briefly make it clear once again that there are fundamentally different ideas about the goals of learning coaching. In detail leaves Read more

  • Lifelong learning for the labor market: education - but which?

    In today's society, stocks of knowledge are constantly changing. The half-life of knowledge has decreased; there is no longer the classic school knowledge. Lifelong learning is the motto. But what exactly should you learn? Why lifelong learning is important Due to the constantly changing world of work and an increased level of technology, there are currently and also employed people Read more

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