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Jürgen W. Goldfoot 75Jürgen W. Goldfuß is a columnist at Handelsblatt, a management consultant and manager for executives.

Jürgen W. Goldfuß is an independent management consultant, trainer for executives at various organizers and institutes, one of the top 100 speakers in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, member of the Perfect Speakers, columnist in the Handelsblatt and the Schwäbischen Zeitung and bestselling author of numerous management and business books , With his lectures on career, leadership, service and development trends, he has been advising companies and individuals for over 20 years.

Before starting his own business, he gained international experience as a project manager in Paris, as a European representative for a US company in Brussels, as a product manager, sales manager, training manager and marketing manager. As part of his work, he gave seminars and lectures in almost all parts of the world. His hobby - by the way: the performance with his cabaret number “A program for an audience and a violin”.

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