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We make the Working World more Human and Ecological, so we donate Revenue for Certified Reforestation. As Publisher Best of HR - Berufebilder .de® with an unique Book Concept, on-demand eCourses and News Service we share 15 years of Experience with our Customers (Samsung, Otto, State Institutions). By the Top20 -Blogger Simone Janson, referenced in ARD, ZEIT, WELT, Wikipedia .

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Career & Curriculum (HR magazine)

Social Entrepreneur in Switzerland: Responsibility as a success recipe

Social entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs with responsibility, are on everyone's lips. On too Best of HR –® has been reviewed several times on this topic. Because gradually the realization is dawning: Social or community involvement not only has to do with morality, but is also good for business. Read more

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Education & Training (HR magazine)

How a high school prepares its students for tomorrow's world of work: majoring in economics and responsibility

Gunter Dueck. A few months ago, the philosopher, speaker and former IBM manager demanded in the Enquete Commission of the German Bundestag "Internet and Digital Society" to integrate economic and entrepreneurial thinking and action into training. In southern Germany, practical private tuition is already being practiced at some private high schools. As at the Protestant boarding school Gaienhofen, which is not a business high school, but a "normal" high school ... Read more

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Digital & New Work (HR magazine)

Coworking spaces tested: SiliconWelly, Wellington, New Zealand

This time, we took a look at a location on the other side of the world, in New Zealand, for our test series. However, this is not a classic coworking space, where anyone can rent what they want, but rather an entrepreneurial shared apartment, where many heads together realize creative projects. Event character included. The name SilliconWelly does not remind us in vain ironically ... Read more

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StartUps & Finance (Opinion)

[Live] business ethicist Professor Dr. Josef Wieland: "Ethical investments are important, but the 'how' is not yet clear!"

Josef Wieland is Professor for Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz. Specializing in business ethics, morality is the business card of every company. Especially in the banking sector. In an interview he explains why sustainability should not just be grafted on! Read more