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Dr. Job Dr. JobDr. Job is career adviser at Monster.de.

Dr. Job and its team of experts offer practical tips and tricks to help you find your dream job and improve communication between applicants and employers. His motto: "There are no stupid questions, so get out of it!"

Dr. Job is of course a fictional character. Behind Dr. Jobs stand the employees of the online job market and career platform Monster.



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Application Tips {HR magazine}

Termination and job change: 7 steps to the new dream job

Termination is a decision that should be considered carefully. A change can be the solution to feel comfortable in the job again. What is the “perfect termination”? How do you quit without any hassle and with a clear conscience? Read more

Application Tips {HR magazine}

Application Failures: 5 No-Go's for Job Search

Applications are individual, personal and none is like the other. However, there is one thing in common: Almost every application has at least one mistake that makes employees stand out. Because they read applications every day and have a trained eye for the most common mistakes. We have listed some of them here. Read more

Application Tips {HR magazine}

Mobile application via smartphone and short profile: 2 X 3 tips for applicants

Applications from the computer are still the norm. The mobile job search offers many advantages. We show why the mobile application pays off and give 2 X 3 tips on what to pay attention to. Read more

Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

Equality and diversity as an employer branding strategy: 7 reasons for more women in IT

When asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?", Ballerina or princess were very popular in childhood. Although career preferences change as you grow up, the tendency to choose a career in typical women's jobs remains the same. IT consultants or front-end developers are rarely on the list for girls; but that should change in the future. What should ... Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Good Leader - 5 Features: The Leadership 1 × 1

Already Napoleon Bonaparte told his Marshal that there were no bad men, there were only poor officers. In other words, executives are critical to the success of a company and the quality of the workforce, which is why the appointment of the management position must be well chosen. Read more

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