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Dr. Job Dr. JobDr. Job is career adviser at Monster.de.

Dr. Job and his team of experts provide hands-on tips and tricks to help find the dream job and improve communication between job applicants and employers. His motto: "There are no stupid questions, so get out of it!"

Dr. Job is of course a fictional character. Behind Dr. Jobs stand the employees of the online job market and career platform Monster.



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Application Tips {HR magazine}

Termination and job change: 7 steps to the new dream job

A termination is a decision that should be well considered. A change can be the solution to make you feel good about the job again. What does the "perfect termination" look like? How do you quit without anger and with a good conscience? Read more

Application Tips {HR magazine}

Application Failures: 5 No-Go's for Job Search

Applications are individual, personal and none is like the other. However, there is one thing in common: Almost every application has at least one mistake that makes employees stand out. Because they read applications every day and have a trained eye for the most common mistakes. We have listed some of them here. Read more

Application Tips {HR magazine}

Mobile application via smartphone and short profile: 2 X 3 tips for applicants

Applications from the computer are still the norm. The mobile job search offers many advantages. We show why the mobile application pays off and give 2 X 3 tips on what to pay attention to. Read more

Job Search & Recruiting {HR magazine}

Equality and diversity as an employer branding strategy: 7 reasons for more women in IT

When asked, "What do you want to be when you grow up?", In childhood, a ballerina or a princess was very popular. Although career aspirations change in the course of growing up, the tendency to choose a career for typical women's occupations remains the same. IT consultant or front-end developer is rarely on the list for girls; but that should change in the future. What should ... Read more

Success & Management {HR magazine}

Good Leader - 5 Features: The Leadership 1 × 1

Already Napoleon Bonaparte told his Marshal that there were no bad men, there were only poor officers. In other words, executives are critical to the success of a company and the quality of the workforce, which is why the appointment of the management position must be well chosen. Read more

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