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angela_dietzAngela Dietz is the expert for healthy communication and leadership. Dietz studied biology, sport and educational psychology. She is the founder of MENSCHLICH ERFOLGREICH - the consulting company for developing a new way of working together. For over twelve years she has been advising well-known companies and training managers, employees, teachers, doctors and private individuals in healthy communication and leadership based on non-violent communication.

  • Healthy leadership & communication: Basics of employee motivation

    What does healthy leadership look like now? “Power together” does not mean that you, as a manager, give your employees generous responsibility and thus overwhelm them. Threats instead of motivation Or, unhappily, formulate it as follows: “I give you responsibility for this entire project. It's demanding - hit it and don't disappoint me! "That sounds [...] Read more

  • Lead Communicate Self-Love: Learning from Google

    Companies like Google have long been leading the way: healthy communication and leadership also means working together to find the way to “power with one another”. The key to better leadership The lifestyle of healthy communication and leadership, based on the ideas of nonviolent communication according to Marshall B. Rosenberg and its four steps, are the key: The key to [...] Read more

  • Healthy management hierarchies in companies: 5 tips for employee communication

    How does healthy leadership work and what “care instructions” are there for healthy leadership hierarchies? Several steps are necessary to empower employees right down to the grassroots level. Everyone involved must be heard Healthy leadership aims to keep an eye on the needs of the individual, the team, the entire company and the environment. This does not mean that [...] Read more