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Best of HR –®Michael Diaz is a psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner with a focus on interpersonal relationships. It is not the wind, but the sail that determines the direction. Under the motto of this Chinese proverb, Michel Diaz would like to help people to find and walk their individual path. Approaches from the past are included in his “goal-oriented solution workshop”. However, the focus is on changes in the future in order to provide stabilizing support in the event of (traumatic) stress and disorders and to help regain inner balance.Since 2005, Michael Diaz has been a competent advisor on inner-psychological and systemic processes in interpersonal relationships specialized and his knowledge deepened through numerous training and further education. Born in 1966, he had previously worked as a self-employed therapist since 1992. He is also a psychotherapeutic alternative practitioner and has wide-ranging professional experience in areas ranging from coaching to research and medicine. He brings all the knowledge he has gathered over the years to his professional practice in Regensburg, as a lecturer at the Bavarian Red Cross on the subjects of "Mental Illnesses and Diagnoses", "Communication" and "Teamwork" as well as in workshops on the topics of partnership and personal development. More information at

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