Here writes: Sophia Dembling

Sophia_Dembling (c) David_BaumbachSophia Dembling writes for Psychology Today and the Wall Street Journal, among others. She runs her blog “The Introvert's Corner” for Psychology Today and has published a variety of articles in renowned magazines, including the Wall Street Journal. She lives in Dallas, Texas. More information at

  • Introversion to Freud, Jung and Co: The small difference

    In the 1960s, other personality theorists began to develop the so-called Big Five: the five-factor model of personality. These are personality traits that remain relatively stable throughout life. Intraversion and extraversion as stable personality traits Extroversion and its opposite, introversion, are among these personality traits. (The others are openness to experience, conscientiousness, neuroticism and the social Read more

  • Introverted Extroverted Nerd? Of Freud, sex grouches and misanthropists

    How exactly introversion is defined depends on who you ask. The scientists Sigmund Freud, CG Jung and Hans Jürgen Eysenck, for example, each had very different opinions. The sex-obsessed Sigmund Freud For Sigmund Freud in his lousy manner, introversion was pathological, a form of neurosis. He defined it as “the libido turning away from possibility Read more

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